France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2001/2002 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution Amount Awarded by RGC (HK$)
F-HK 03/01T Nucleation for Heteroepitaxial Diamond Growth Dr Igor Bello/ CityU Prof Alix Gicquel/ CNRS No UPR1311, University of Paris 31,250
F-HK 05/01T Rigorous Electromagnetic Simulations of Electromagnetic Scattering from Two-Dimensional Random Rough Surfaces Prof Chi Hou Chan/ CityU Prof Marc Saillard/ University of Aix-Marseille III 28,000
F-HK 08/01T A Multilingual (Chinese and Occidental) Document Processing System Prof. Yuan Yan Tang/ HKBU Dr. Guy Lorette/ CNRS No.UMR 6074, University of Rennes 1 28,000
F-HK 11/01T Role of Vesicle Fusion and Protein Kinase G in Regulating Store-Operated Calcium Influx Prof Xiaoqiang YAO/ CUHK Dr Michel Villaz/ Universite Grenoble 1-INSERM 21,500
F-HK 12/01T Development of an Acoustic ElastoMicroscope (AEM) System Dr Yongping Zheng/ PolyU Dr S. Lori Bridal/ CNRS UMR 7623, University of Paris VI 31,250
F-HK 13/01T A Model Driven Approach for the Cardiovascular System Observation and Control Dr Jufang He/ PolyU Prof. Jean Louis Coatrieux/ INSERM No. EMI 9934, University of Rennes 1 30,700
F-HK 20/01T Integrating statistical and automatic process control approaches for non-normal quality control situations Prof Fugee Tsung/ HKUST Dr Philippe Castagliola/ CNRS No.6597 30,700
F-HK 22/01T A study of calcium signaling in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Dr Sarah E Ho/ HKUST Dr Catherine Leclerc/ CNRS No. UMR 5547 30,600
F-HK 23/01T Production and uses of chitosan for environmental applications: environmental pollution treatment and process design Prof Gordon Mckay/ HKUST Prof Pierre Le Cloirec/ Ecole des Mines de Nantes 31,100
F-HK 24/01T Robust nonlinear and adaptive control of electrical machines Prof Li Qiu/ HKUST Dr Romeo Ortega/ CNRS No. UMR8506 31,250
F-HK 28/01T Electronink Prof Weikun Ge/ HKUST Dr Claude Weisbuch/ CNRS UMR No. 7643 28,800
F-HK 30/01C France-Hong Kong Geometry Conference Prof. Ngaiming Mok/ HKU Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon/ Institut des Hautes, Etudes Scientifiques 150,000
F-HK 32/01T Half-Quadratic Regularization, Preconditioning and Applications Dr. Michael Kwok-Po Ng/ HKU Dr. Rachid Deriche/ INRIA 31,250
F-HK 34/01C Reinterpreting the Chinese City in the Twentieth Century Dr. K. L. MacPherson/ HKU Prof Christian Henriot/ U of Lumiere-Lyon 2 *FF107,200
F-HK 35/01T Functional and Structural Evolution of VIP and PACAP Receptors in Vertebrates Dr. Billy Kwok-Chong Chow/ HKU Prof. Hubert Vaudry/ University of Rouen 31,250

Application for Release of 2nd year funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution Amount Awarded by RGC (HK$)
F-HK A03/00 Early Cognitive Impairments in Executive Functions: A Functional Brain Imaging Study in Schizophrenic & HIV Seropositive Patients Dr Siew Eng Chua/ HKU Dr Catherine Vidal/ Institut Pasteur 28,000
F-HK A04/00 Characterization of brassica juncea 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutary1-CoA synthase Dr Mee-Len Chye/ HKU Dr Thomas J Bach/ Universite de Strasbourg I-CNRS 24,000
F-HK A08/00 Study of the Interaction of FACTS Controllers and Power System Environment Professor Felix Wu/ HKU Professor Nourredine Hadj-Said/ Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble 28,800
F-HK A09/00 Sea-level changes during the last 25 ka on the northern South China Sea Continental Shelf Dr W.W.S. Yim/ HKU Dr P.A. Pirazzoli/ Universite de Paris I-CNRS 31,250
F-HK B01/00 Is Language Processing Cognitively Encapsulated? A Brain Imaging Analysis of Tonal and Non-Tonal Languages Prof Trevor Penney/ CUHK Dr MireilleBesson/ Center for Research in Cognitive Neurosciences, CNRS 29,800
F-HK B03/00 Numerical Methods for Solving the Singular Maxwell Equations Prof Jun Zou/ CUHK Dr Patrick Ciarlet, Jr./ Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees 31,250
F-HK C01/00 Comparison and improvement of some direct methods to obtain the Backlund transformations of nonlinear differential equations Prof Ji Shan Hu/ HKUST Dr Robert Maurice Jules Conte/ CEA 31,250
F-HK C05/00 Pollutant migration in soils - In flight instrumentation and scaling laws for centrifuged small scale models Prof Irene M C Lo/ HKUST Dr Luc Thorel/ Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussees (LCPC) in Nantes 31,230