Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector 2023/24 - Funding Results
No. Project Reference No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funding Period (Months) Amount Awarded by RGC
(Inclusive of On-costs)
1 UGC/FDS24/E09/23 An Innovative Hybrid Nanofluid Spray Cooling Based Thermal Management System for Efficient Cooling of Electric Vehicle High Power Electronics Dr ASIM Muhammad PolyU SPEED 36 1,006,465
2 UGC/FDS16/H29/23 The role of active and passive attentional capture in the attentional boost effect Dr AU Ricky Kwok-cheong HKMU 24 615,120
3 UGC/FDS16/E04/23 Behaviour and design of high performance steel bolted connections at ambient and high temperatures Dr CAI Yancheng HKMU 36 2,033,250
4 UGC/FDS51/H02/23 A Study of the Corpus included in Samuel Williams' A Tonic Dictionary of the Chinese Language in the Canton Dialect Dr CHAN Abraham Yee-shun UOWCHK 24 795,900
5 UGC/FDS14/H03/23 News Consumption in Hong Kong: News Avoidance, Movement Abeyance, and Critical Events Dr CHAN Chi-kit HSUHK 24 663,593
6 UGC/FDS51/H(B)01/23 Housing preferences of young adults in Hong Kong: How should shared housing be designed and priced? Prof CHAN Hing-lin UOWCHK 24 618,340
7 UGC/FDS15/H19/23 Hong Kong Children's Literature: City and Visual-Textual Narratives Dr CHAN Michelle Chi-ying Shue Yan 18 317,169
8 UGC/FDS16/H10/23 Fable of the Bees in Our Time: An Inquiry to Recover Assets and Values of Waste Pickers in Hong Kong Dr CHAN Wai-yin HKMU 24 491,610
9 UGC/FDS24/H22/23 The Echoes of Air Raids: An Exploration of Wartime Soundscapes through Literature and Print Media Dr CHEN Hazel Shu PolyU SPEED 30 528,640
10 UGC/FDS14/P03/23 InsurTech: Risk Classification and Premium Calibration with Data Analytics Dr CHEN Yongzhao HSUHK 36 1,183,400
11 UGC/FDS24/H10/23 A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Dynamic Handwritten Annotations as Visual Aids in Live Lecture Recording Dr CHEUNG Eric Lok-ming PolyU SPEED 24 635,130
12 UGC/FDS17/M02/23 Characterization of subtypes of Mild Cognitive Impairment with artificial intelligence: Multiomics approach Dr CHEUNG Eva Yi-wah TWC 24 1,961,513
13 UGC/FDS24/H06/23 Effectiveness of Early Support to At-risk Students Identified by using AI Prediction Dr CHIU Hon-sun PolyU SPEED 30 699,300
14 UGC/FDS14/H08/23 Arts for well-being: The impact of arts engagement on parental stress and mental well-being Dr CHOY Christine Hiu-ying HSUHK 18 518,966
15 UGC/FDS11/H10/23 The building and operation of transnational elder care network: a case study of left-behind elderly in Hong Kong Dr FUNG Ka-yi Caritas 24 479,765
16 UGC/FDS13/B02/23 From Broken to Better than Ever: The Impact of Divorce on Leadership Emergence Dr GU Jingyang Chu Hai 30 499,085
17 UGC/FDS15/H07/23 Counselling support for the social-emotional wellbeing of young people in Hong Kong: Developing a model of counsellor effectiveness Dr HARRISON Mark Gregory Shue Yan 24 874,100
18 UGC/FDS15/H01/23 Cinema and Cinemagoing in Early-twentieth-century Shanghai Prof HE Qiliang Shue Yan 24 969,826
19 UGC/FDS14/E03/23 Sustainable and Resilient Automated E-Fulfilment Operations in the Era of Industrial 5.0 Dr HO George To-sum HSUHK 18 479,650
20 UGC/FDS14/E02/23 Optimizing Model Freshness for Federated Transfer Learning with Extreme Cases in Autonomous Driving Networks Dr HOU Aileen Yun HSUHK 36 1,384,538
21 UGC/FDS16/E18/23 Development of Novel Quaternion Signal Processing and Feature Extraction Methods for the Monitoring and Early Detection of Mental Disorders in a Head-based Mobile Health System Dr HUNG Kevin King-fai HKMU 24 800,960
22 UGC/FDS24/E07/23 Investigation of Hydrogen-enriched Low Calorific Value Landfill Gas Combustion in a Porous Medium Based Burner Dr KAHANGAMAGE Udaya Priyadarshana PolyU SPEED 36 885,888
23 UGC/FDS16/B05/23 Examining the role of Benefit Corporations (B Corps) in deriving shared value and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Dr KHURSHID Hamid HKMU 18 363,385
24 UGC/FDS14/P04/23 Probabilistic Classification Error Modeling for Distance Metric Learning and Deep Metric Learning Theory and Applications Dr LAM Benson Shu-yan HSUHK 36 828,859
25 UGC/FDS24/B11/23 What Contributes to Hospitality Green Service Innovative Behaviour? A Multi-level Analysis of Adaptability, Technology Readiness and Organisational Cultures Dr LAM Chin-wah PolyU SPEED 24 582,676
26 UGC/FDS16/H08/23 From Transformation to Empowerment: A Study of Heritage Tourism in Four Asian Tigers and Its Implications Dr LAW Lok-yin HKMU 30 646,745
27 UGC/FDS16/E05/23 Development of using retired batteries from electrical vehicles to build smart emergency power systems for buildings in Hong Kong Dr LEE Chi-chung HKMU 36 1,149,640
28 UGC/FDS13/H01/23 Idol Culture, Masculinity, and Hong Kong Identity: A Reception Study of the Mirror Phenomenon Dr LEE Kwok-fong Chu Hai 24 558,943
29 UGC/FDS16/E13/23 Fusing Intra-modality and Inter-modality Interactions with Self-attention for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Dr LEE Lap-kei HKMU 24 859,610
30 UGC/FDS16/H17/23 A study of modals and modal negatives in the Shantou Southern Min dialect Prof LEE Peppina Po-lun HKMU 18 516,775
31 UGC/FDS16/M09/23 Ageing without children: the lived experience of childless Chinese older couples Prof LEE Yin-king HKMU 18 458,375
32 UGC/FDS11/E01/23 Providing Clean Air to Breathe by Wet Electrostatic Precipitators Prof LEUNG Andrew Yee-tak Caritas 36 1,355,776
33 UGC/FDS15/H02/23 Court news in the post-national security law Hong Kong: Examining the significance and journalistic roles, production, and contents of protests-/ politics-related court news Dr LEUNG Ka-kuen Shue Yan 24 845,983
34 UGC/FDS11/E02/23 Developing Efficient Cartoon Animation Editing Pipeline via Deep Entity Recognition and Motion Analysis Dr LI Chengze Caritas 36 1,295,180
35 UGC/FDS11/H06/23 Rearticulating Modernity in China: Trains and Railways in Wartime Literature and Film, 1937-1958 Dr LI Siyi Caritas 24 577,400
36 UGC/FDS16/E08/23 Long-term adaptation strategy for climate-resilient coastal bridges subjected to extreme risk under typhoons Dr LI Yaohan HKMU 36 1,630,575
37 UGC/FDS16/E10/23 A Generic Label Extension and Enhancement Framework: from Emotion Domain to General Domain Dr LI Zongxi HKMU 36 1,165,690
38 UGC/FDS16/H27/23 "Shanghai fever" : Japanese travel writers and modern Chinese writers in the 1920s Dr LO Man-chi HKMU 24 415,250
39 UGC/FDS13/E01/23 Automatic Landmark Object Extraction and Image-based Visibility Estimation System Prof LO Wai-lun Chu Hai 24 768,185
40 UGC/FDS24/E12/23 Exploring the Use of Sonic Crystal in Noise Barriers Dr LOH Anthony Wai-keung PolyU SPEED 24 829,480
41 UGC/FDS14/E06/23 Impacts of Fairness on Cabin Crew Scheduling: Crew Preferences and Allowances Dr MA Helen Hoi-lam HSUHK 36 1,491,600
42 UGC/FDS14/B06/23 A multilevel model of workplace happiness: Examining the effects of internal market orientation, supervisory trust on employee work outcomes and organisational performance Dr MAN Thomas Wing-yan HSUHK 24 526,800
43 UGC/FDS24/E15/23 Development of Mycelium-Based Composites with Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties for Diabetic Foot Insoles Dr NG Sun-pui PolyU SPEED 36 997,495
44 UGC/FDS14/P02/23 Principal contrast analysis of high-dimensional time series Dr NG Timothy Chi-tim HSUHK 24 709,420
45 UGC/FDS14/H13/23 Poetic Justice and the Anglophone Novel, 1678–1928 Dr PARKER Jay Thomas HSUHK 24 772,133
46 UGC/FDS15/B09/23 Mastery and helpless responses to proactivity setbacks: The role of implicit person theory Dr PENG Zhengmin Shue Yan 24 848,225
47 UGC/FDS16/H16/23 Stage for Positive Ageing: Oral History Theatre by Older People Dr SHU Chi-yee HKMU 30 479,650
48 UGC/FDS16/M16/23 Storage conditions and brewing methods for preserving catechin contents, reducing fungal contaminants, and minimizing mycotoxin residues in four types of tea in different packaging Dr TAM Emily Wan-ting HKMU 30 887,210
49 UGC/FDS16/M14/23 Effects of microplastic ingestion on the growth of marine microplankton grazers and their grazing control on algal blooms Dr TANG Chi-hung HKMU 24 753,350
50 UGC/FDS14/H15/23 An exploration of civic resilience of Hong Kong's citizens and society in times of political change Dr TANG Gary Kin-yat HSUHK 24 1,000,002
51 UGC/FDS24/H15/23 Can a Transgender Storytelling (TGST) Workshop Change Students' Empathetical Feelings and Attitudes about Transgender Individuals?: A Triangulation Approach Dr TAO Kimberly Wei-yi PolyU SPEED 24 444,897
52 UGC/FDS16/E07/23 Developing an automatic shading control approach for improving visual comfort in urban areas Dr TSANG Kin-wai HKMU 36 1,308,290
53 UGC/FDS14/B08/23 Leveraging customer co-creation platform for firm innovative performance Dr TSE Fiona Sin-yan HSUHK 18 247,494
54 UGC/FDS16/E01/23 Gunn diode-based Terahertz emitter using Topological Insulators Prof VELLAISAMY Arul Lenus Roy HKMU 36 1,223,190
55 UGC/FDS16/E16/23 Protein-ligand Binding Affinity Prediction Based on Grid Representation and Deep Learning: Paving the Way to Efficient Structure-based Drug Design Dr WANG Dan HKMU 36 993,240
56 UGC/FDS16/E17/23 Knowledge Alignment Framework Based on Contrastive Learning in Stock Prediction and other Emotion-Related Natural Language Processing Tasks Prof WANG Fu-lee HKMU 30 800,006
57 UGC/FDS16/E02/23 Automatic and Accurate Evaluation of Placental Abnormalities via Multi-modal, Multi-task and Federated Semi-supervised Learning Dr WANG Weiming HKMU 36 1,264,590
58 UGC/FDS14/E08/23 Generating novel customer needs for new product development Dr WANG Yue HSUHK 30 1,128,250
59 UGC/FDS16/H09/23 The Casual Official and the Tang Minister: A Study of the Reception of Yuan Jie and His Literature Dr WONG Chi-hung HKMU 24 341,540
60 UGC/FDS16/M17/23 Growth stimulating effect and related mechanisms of concentrated Chinese medicine granules of Astragalus membranaceus and Glycyrrhiza uralensis in Nile tilapia and mud carp under overcrowding stress Dr WONG Emily Sze-wan HKMU 30 1,089,150
61 UGC/FDS14/E09/23 Ensuring the operational resilience of shipping by integrating vessel slot allocation and container supply planning with uncertain demand for yield management and order fulfilment in the global supply chain Dr WONG Eugene Yin-cheung HSUHK 30 914,799
62 UGC/FDS25/E05/23 A Study of Temperature and Relative Humidity Effect on Strength Development of Low Carbon Concrete Dr WONG Ho-fai THEi 36 1,194,021
63 UGC/FDS14/B03/23 Distinct effects of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards on employee creativity and routine performance: The dual role of mindfulness Dr WONG Noel Yuen-shan HSUHK 18 417,550
64 UGC/FDS16/P02/23 Metal-Catalyzed C–H Bond Functionalization of (Hetero)arenes by using alterable P,O or P,N hemilabile benzimidazolyl phosphine ligands Dr WONG Shun-man HKMU 18 762,550
65 UGC/FDS16/M21/23 Oxidative activity of mangrove leaf phenolics and their inhibition on growth and physiology of harmful algal species, and the underlying molecular mechanism Dr XU Jingliang HKMU 24 1,028,200
66 UGC/FDS14/H09/23 Future Museum: Review of immersive technology applications and curatorial strategy for exhibitions and art education in museums and galleries Dr YANG Rochelle Yi-hsuan HSUHK 18 445,725
67 UGC/FDS14/B01/23 SOE State Audit in China Dr YAU Belinda Ling-na HSUHK 24 660,200
68 UGC/FDS17/H01/23 Cardioprotective and mental health benefits of the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) diet combined with forest bathing (FB) among adults with elevated blood cholesterol: A randomized controlled trial Dr YAU Ka-yin TWC 36 1,023,778
69 UGC/FDS14/P05/23 Nonconvex Structured Optimization: Theory and Application Dr YU Carisa Kwok-wai HSUHK 36 1,358,200
70 UGC/FDS24/E08/23 CFD-based Autonomous System of Health Estimation and Maintenance Scheme for Electrical Apparatus of Power Substations in Hong Kong Dr ZHANG Hao PolyU SPEED 36 894,110
71 UGC/FDS15/B02/23 Does Corporate Sociopolitical Activism Oriented Market Exits Benefit Corporate Brand Equity and Firm Profitability? Evidence from Corporate Exodus from Russia amidst the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War Dr ZHANG Xiao Shue Yan 24 625,700
72 UGC/FDS24/B10/23 Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain under Industry 4.0 Perspective: Lessons Learned from the Tourism Industry for Mitigating the Pandemic Disruptions Dr ZHANG Xinyan PolyU SPEED 24 394,205