Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector 2021/22 - Funding Results
No. Project Reference No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funding Period (Months) Amount Awarded by RGC (Inclusive of On-costs) (HK$)
1 UGC/FDS11/P01/21 Key fundamental issues about the preparation of multiple-layer Janus functional nanofibers through electrospinning Prof BLIGH Annie Sim-wan Caritas 24 940,427
2 UGC/FDS25/H05/21 A Novel Approach to Developing a Virtual Garment Fitting Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Network Dr CHAN Ah-pun THEi 24 942,653
3 UGC/FDS15/H18/21 Investigating the Dynamic Relations of the Six Self-Compassion Components with Academic Stress Across Chinese Primary, Secondary, and University Students in Hong Kong: A Longitudinal Study Dr CHAN Chi-keung Shue Yan 24 920,100
4 UGC/FDS24/B01/21 Circular Supply Chain Management with Bayesian Information Updating, Government Policies and Strategic Alliance for Sustainability Commitment Dr CHAN Hau-ling PolyU SPEED 24 661,580
5 UGC/FDS25/M03/21 A mechanistic study on the combined use of esculetin and probiotics in preventing Parkinson's disease in mice Dr CHAN Shun-wan THEi 36 1,248,950
6 UGC/FDS51/H03/21 Becoming Sanmao: Author Performativity, Life-writing Stylistics and Reader Responses – An Integrated Author-Text-Reader Approach to (Re)reading Sanmao (1970s to 2020s) Dr CHAN Sze-man UOWCHK 24 272,972
7 UGC/FDS14/E02/21 Enhancing Wireless Information Freshness via Physical-Layer Network Coding and Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Dr CHAN Tse-tin HSUHK 36 1,143,229
8 UGC/FDS16/H05/21 XR MALL: Developing learners' interpreting and public speaking skills via an extended reality app Dr CHAN Wing-man HKMU 36 794,099
9 UGC/FDS15/H17/21 A Study of the Hong Kong Colonial Government's Policy to Chinese Burials (1945-1997) Dr CHAU Chi-fung Shue Yan 18 214,000
10 UGC/FDS16/M(P)05/21 Heterogeneous reaction kinetics of resazurin bio-reduction on paper-based microfluidics for bacteria detection and toxicity measurement Dr CHEN Jianlin HKMU 24 1,581,875
11 UGC/FDS16/B26/21 The wisdom to choose: Family CEO's birth order across institutional contexts  Dr CHEN Kelly Xing HKMU 24 250,800
12 UGC/FDS16/E04/21 Interactions between urban microclimates and high-rise commercial buildings integrated with photovoltaic  envelopes to optimize energy and indoor environmental performances Dr LEE Chi-chung HKMU 36 1,513,450
13 UGC/FDS16/H10/21 The boomerang effect in anti-drug advertisements in Hong Kong Dr CHENG Shing HKMU 15 502,075
14 UGC/FDS16/H11/21 Depression in high ability adolescents: A cross-cultural study Dr CHEUNG Ho-nam HKMU 24 1,149,824
15 UGC/FDS16/E02/21 Learning Analytics Intervention System for Python Programming Courses Dr CHOI Ping-man HKMU 36 1,290,920
16 UGC/FDS14/H09/21 Art at Home: The Impact of New Media and Online Cultural Production on Home-Based Arts Engagement Dr CHOY Hiu-ying HSUHK 30 755,126
17 UGC/FDS16/H19/21 Towards a reflective approach to developing academic vocabulary: An intervention case study in the higher education context Dr CHUNG Hiu-yui HKMU 24 768,300
18 UGC/FDS24/H03/21 The Interrogative Systems in Tibeto-Burman Languages of the Cool Mountain Area Dr DING Hongdi PolyU SPEED 36 674,709
19 UGC/FDS16/E09/21 An Investigation of Reliability-Aware Wireless Edge Caching Networks (WECNs) with Bundle Recommendation Dr FU Yaru HKMU 24 810,850
20 UGC/FDS14/B04/21 The CEO Pay Ratio: UK Evidence Dr GOH Lisa HSUHK 24 409,758
21 UGC/FDS14/E06/21 Dynamic Pick Face Replenishment & Pallet Consolidation Model for Landing in the Next E-Fulfilment Normal Dr HO To-sum HSUHK 24 669,975
22 UGC/FDS15/H09/21 The Mechanism of Textual Production and the Poetic Significance of the Woodblock Prints of Selection of Tang Poetry in the Edo Period Dr HUI Kin-yip Shue Yan 24 549,570
23 UGC/FDS16/E15/21 Modelling of Pupillary Muscles' Range Nonlinearity Effects on Pupil-based Evaluation of Autonomic Nervous System Dr HUNG Kevin King-fai HKMU 24 761,400
24 UGC/FDS23/H04/21 Effectiveness of Traditional and Modern Taekwondo Training on Behavioural, Physical and Motor Skills Development among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr KWOK Heather Hei-man HKBU SCE 24 843,645
25 UGC/FDS14/B13/21 How Do Companies Adapt to Extreme Weather? Evidence from Corporate Uses of Internal Cash Flow Dr KWOK Kaz Wing-chun HSUHK 24 363,213
26 UGC/FDS14/E04/21 Riding to Success in Cold Chain Digitalization: A Digital Twin based Closed-Loop Logistics Decision Model Dr LAM Hoi-yan HSUHK 36 769,519
27 UGC/FDS24/E02/21 Development of a Cloud-Based System to Facilitate End-User-Oriented Design (EOD) for Effective Sustainability Practices Implementation in High-Rise Residential Buildings Dr LAM Wai-ming PolyU SPEED 24 629,914
28 UGC/FDS15/H04/21 How do ethnic minorities cope with cancer in Hong Kong? The role of public health services, social network and religion Dr LAU Flora Pui-yan Shue Yan 24 947,631
29 UGC/FDS21/H01/21 Study of family factors, self-esteem, and indecisiveness on Hong Kong secondary school students Prof CHUI Yat-hung CTIHE 18 422,898
30 UGC/FDS16/E17/21 Multimodal Deep Learning for Rumor Detection on Social Media Dr LEE Lap-kei HKMU 36 1,248,950
31 UGC/FDS25/P01/21 Pioneering environmental sensing technologies in microclimate research: evidence-based study of urban green infrastructures combatting urban heat island and climate change Dr LEE Shing-him THEi 36 843,630
32 UGC/FDS15/E02/21 A Unifying Framework for Structural Efficiency Measurement: Theories and Applications Dr LEE Shu-kam Shue Yan 24 1,036,250
33 UGC/FDS16/M02/21 Community Structure and Metaproteomics of Microorganism Assemblages Collected from Pneumatohpores of Avicennia marina in Mangrove Ecosystem Prof LEE Wang-fat HKMU 24 1,321,400
34 UGC/FDS24/B08/21 Investigating the Motivators and Obstacles of Mobile Health Apps Adoption and Continuance by Elderly: A Longitudinal Study using Extended Expectation-Confirmation Theory Dr LEUNG Wilson Ka-shing  PolyU SPEED 24 465,850
35 UGC/FDS11/E02/21 Instance-aware Cartoon Stylization of Photo and Videos Dr LI Chengze Caritas 24 877,550
36 UGC/FDS14/H08/21 Cultural Exchanges in the Cold War: Visiting Tours and Affective Connections in Sinophone Asia (1950s-1980s) Dr LI Cho-kiu HSUHK 36 917,455
37 UGC/FDS24/E04/21 Design and Implementation of Acoustic-controlled Ventilation Louvre with Metamaterial Technology Dr LIANG Shanjun PolyU SPEED 36 877,320
38 UGC/FDS24/H09/21 The Islamicate Soundscape of Hong Kong Dr LIE Nga-sze PolyU SPEED 33 709,650
39 UGC/FDS11/E01/21 Deep Comic Screening via Tone-aware Semantic Layer Analysis Dr LIU Xueting Caritas 24 1,022,450
40 UGC/FDS13/E01/21 Photovoltaic Panel Model Parameters Estimation and Monitoring by Using Artificial Neural Network Prof LO Wai-lun Chu Hai 36 914,925
41 UGC/FDS25/E05/21 A Machine Learning Framework for Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings Dr LUK Sung-hei THEi 24 645,618
42 UGC/FDS14/E07/21 Scheduling of Heterogeneous Autonomous Mobile Robots for Robotic Cells Manufacturing in Smart Manufacturing Dr MA Hoi-lam HSUHK 36 1,515,750
43 UGC/FDS14/H02/21 Exploring Teacher-Supported Peer Feedback: Developing Student Feedback Literacy and Writing Quality Dr MA Jingjing HSUHK 18 691,394
44 UGC/FDS14/E01/21 Quantifying Privacy Risk of Mobile Applications through Machine Learning Dr MA Yu-tak HSUHK 24 843,050
45 UGC/FDS24/E12/21 Vertical Dispersion Model of Road Traffic-emitted Particulate Matters and Noise Dr MAK Kai-long PolyU SPEED 36 992,006
46 UGC/FDS15/H06/21 Heritagizing the Qingyuan Mushroom Cultivation System: Understanding Agricultural Heritage Construction and Sustainability in China Using the Actor-Network Theory Dr MAK Veronica Sau-wa Shue Yan 24 588,307
47 UGC/FDS14/E05/21 Dual Channel Logistics Strategy with the Integration of Crowdsourced Vehicles for Ad Hoc Demand Dr MO Yiu-wing HSUHK 36 493,450
48 UGC/FDS24/E05/21 Modelling of Quantitative Dynamic Fit of Respirators for Healthcare Workers Dr NG Sun-pui PolyU SPEED 36 996,805
49 UGC/FDS14/P04/21 Sequential Change-Point Detection in High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Models Dr NG Wai-leong HSUHK 36 973,000
50 UGC/FDS16/H18/21 Learner engagement in listening-and-speaking tasks in the face-to-face and the synchronous computer-mediated communication conditions Dr QIU Xuyan HKMU 18 655,953
51 UGC/FDS16/H08/21 The waste trade and the informal street economy: Negotiating identity, value, and social integration among Pakistani migrants in Hong Kong Dr SHUM Chun-tat HKMU 24 719,874
52 UGC/FDS14/H12/21 What is the Role of Internet Memes in Political Discussion? Dr TANG Gary Kin-yat HSUHK 36 1,060,975
53 UGC/FDS16/E14/21 Accurate 6D Object Pose Estimation for Automatic Robotic Manipulation in Complex Industrial Environments Dr WANG Weiming HKMU 30 860,300
54 UGC/FDS14/E08/21 AutoQFD: A Smart Quality Function Deployment Method for Product Development Dr WANG Yue HSUHK 36 1,209,850
55 UGC/FDS15/H12/21 The Imagination and Literary Practice of a "Third World" Hong Kong: The Introduction and Appropriation of the Latin American Literature in the 1970s Hong Kong Dr WONG Ka-ki Shue Yan 24 624,320
56 UGC/FDS16/H17/21 Developing a National Identity in Young Children: Values and Practices of Kindergartens, Local Chinese and Non-Chinese Families of Different Backgrounds in Hong Kong Dr WONG Ming-sin HKMU 24 647,550
57 UGC/FDS16/B12/21 Examining the impact of moving mediation (Tai Chi) on relieving emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue for emotional labour in shift work Dr WOO Ka-shing HKMU 24 782,284
58 UGC/FDS24/E08/21 Development of a Multi-agent Behaviour Model and Optimization of Charging Station Map for Implementation of Electric Taxis in Hong Kong - a Pilot Study Dr WU Andrew Yang PolyU SPEED 36 681,182
59 UGC/FDS24/B15/21 Destination Competitiveness in a Post-COVID-19 World Dr XU Jing PolyU SPEED 24 634,440
60 UGC/FDS14/B03/21 Auditing During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr YAU Belinda Ling-na HSUHK 24 793,025
61 UGC/FDS14/P02/21 Partially Separable and Sparse Optimization: Theory and Applications Dr YU Kwok-wai HSUHK 36 915,270
62 UGC/FDS15/E01/21 Development and Pilot Test for an AI-based Mobile App to act as Speech Language Pathology Robot for Long-term Treatment of Cantonese-speaking Children with Developmental Speech Sound Disorders Dr YUEN Connie Man-ching Shue Yan 30 1,412,117
63 UGC/FDS24/B17/21 Creating Zero Medicine Wastage and Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain: A Closer Cooperation between Private Clinics and Pharmaceutical Companies Dr YUEN Sheung-man PolyU SPEED 24 482,278
64 UGC/FDS11/E03/21 Facility Location Games with Ordinal and Cardinal Preferences Dr ZHAO Yingchao Caritas 36 999,450