Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector 2020/21 - Funding Results
No. Project Reference No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funding Period (Months) Amount Awarded by RGC (Inclusive of On-costs) (HK$)
1 UGC/FDS14/H13/20 Functional Adequacy in Second Language Speaking and Writing Tasks: Measurement and Pedagogy Dr BUI Gavin Hiu-yuet HSUHK 24 907,910
2 UGC/FDS25/E10/20 A study of a highly efficient carbon capture and utilization (CCU) approach for microalgae biofixation of CO2 enhanced by recombinant carbonic anhydrase immobilized onto magnetic nanocomposites Dr CHAN Cho-yin THEi 36 1,226,387
3 UGC/FDS11/B02/20 Book-Tax Relationships, Tax Avoidance and IPO: Evidence from China Prof CHAN Koon-hung Caritas 36 428,475
4 UGC/FDS16/M09/20 Chitosan-flocculated microalgal biomass as a supplement of food waste fish feed and its enhancement effects to growth and immunity of Scortum barcoo Dr CHAN Sidney Man-ngai OUHK 24 871,800
5 UGC/FDS24/E02/20 A low cost autopilot system for built environment applications Dr CHAU Chun-pong PolyU SPEED 24 622,250
6 UGC/FDS14/H02/20 The Study of Chuci in the Qing Dynasty Dr CHEN Hung-to HSUHK 36 710,570
7 UGC/FDS24/E03/20 Theoretical Investigation and Control Scheme Development of a Compact Desiccant-enhanced Evaporative Cooling System Dr CHEN Yi PolyU SPEED 36 892,615
8 UGC/FDS16/H01/20 Transitions across productive engagement patterns in late adulthood: Antecedents and consequences Dr CHENG Grand Hak-land OUHK 28 954,370
9 UGC/FDS16/B02/20 Audit Fee and Political Connections: The Moderating Effects of Local Institutional Environment and Gender Diversity Mr CHEUNG Pat-yan OUHK 24 824,944
10 UGC/FDS16/B20/20 Sail away from the safe harbour? Examining the socio-psychological factors influencing Hongkongers to stay in Hong Kong and/or the Greater Bay Area, or to relocate elsewhere for work Dr CHOW Dawn Yi-lin OUHK 30 826,605
11 UGC/FDS25/H02/20 Identifying Supply and Demand Gaps that Influence Employability and Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry Dr CHOY Monica Wai-chun THEi 24 504,867
12 UGC/FDS11/H09/20 A study on the academic stress of social work students in their fieldwork placement Dr CHU Cheong-hay Caritas 24 589,590
13 UGC/FDS13/E01/20 Truthful Mechanism Design for Facility Location Game with Agents' Migration Scheme Dr FONG Ken Chi-kit Chu Hai 30 1,012,003
14 UGC/FDS16/P01/20 Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management through Scientific IAQ monitoring and App Survey with an indication of energy demand reduction Dr HAN Jie OUHK 30 1,386,950
15 UGC/FDS17/H01/20 The loneliness of older adults being cared for by live-in migrant workers and their dyadic relationship: A mixed methods study Dr HO Hok-man TWC 36 546,727
16 UGC/FDS25/E04/20 Distributed Multi-hop C-V2X Self-Optimizing Network Dr HOU Yun THEi 36 1,165,009
17 UGC/FDS16/H21/20
A Relational-cognitive Perspective on E-coaching: A Multi-level Moderated Mediation Model of Self-efficacy and Leader-member Exchange Dr HUI Tak-yin OUHK 24 620,243
18 UGC/FDS11/H06/20 An exploratory study on the institutionalization of a case management model for community care services in Hong Kong Dr KAN Wing-shan Caritas 24 387,420
19 UGC/FDS14/H03/20 Sounds in Two Cities: Soundscape and Auditory Culture in Shanghai and Hong Kong Literature (1930s -1950s) Dr KWOK Sze-wing HSUHK 36 989,330
20 UGC/FDS25/E06/20 Modelling building rehabilitation costs to combat the problems of ageing apartment buildings in Hong Kong Dr LAU Wai-kin THEi 24 729,605
21 UGC/FDS24/B03/20 Motivating Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among College Students: A Social Marketing Intervention Study Dr LEE Suet-mui PolyU SPEED 18 395,441
22 UGC/FDS16/M06/20 Mechanism Underlying Algicidal Activity of P4, a Novel Bacterium Isolated from an Algal Bloom in Hong Kong, against Icthtyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi Prof LEE Wang-fat OUHK 24 894,800
23 UGC/FDS16/M12/20 "Dirty work": A photovoice study of residential aged care in Hong Kong Prof LEE Yin-king OUHK 24 803,490
24 UGC/FDS15/H13/20 Stress-Buffering Effects of Coping Strategies and Social Supports on Psychological Distress: A Longitudinal Panel Study of the Antecedents of Problematic Social Media Use Prof LEUNG Louis Wing-chi Shue Yan 24 876,003
25 UGC/FDS16/B15/20 Demystifying Audit Pricing: Is There Auditor's Optimistic Bias? Dr LEUNG Tak-yan OUHK 24 847,406
26 UGC/FDS24/B04/20 To Give or Not to Give? Investigating the Effects of Trust on Time Banking Participation: A Longitudinal Study in Hong Kong Aging Population Dr LEUNG Wilson Ka-shing PolyU SPEED 24 713,100
27 UGC/FDS15/M03/20 Is time perception band-pass filtered? An examination of the aftereffect of time adaptation with rTMS Dr LI Wang-on Shue Yan 24 944,962
28 UGC/FDS16/H05/20 Tian Han, the Le Midi Movement, and the Cultural Salon in 1920s Shanghai: Bohemianism and Transcultural Modernity Dr LO Man-chi OUHK 24 445,150
29 UGC/FDS11/M01/20 Examining current practices and attitudes of staff towards physical restraint and restraint-free care in institutionalized older persons with and without dementia Prof LOW Lisa Pau-le Caritas 18 777,788
30 UGC/FDS16/E12/20 Modelling the social aspects of interactive objects for pedestrian trajectory prediction in urban areas Prof LUI Kwok-fai OUHK 24 832,700
31 UGC/FDS14/E03/20 How Can Giant Air Cargo Forwarders be Enhanced by Partnership with Airlines: A Utilisation of Unused Baggage Capacity Approach Dr MA Hoi-lam HSUHK 36 1,488,150
32 UGC/FDS17/P01/20 An investigation into the use of fire extinguisher dry powder to develop latent fingerprints Ms MAK Deejay Suen-yui TWC 24 903,770
33 UGC/FDS16/E01/20 The development of polylactide green composites with coffee grounds and tea leaf powder waste Dr MAK Shu-lun OUHK 30 1,303,000
34 UGC/FDS15/B04/20 Untangling the Complexity of Customer Negative Brand Engagement in the Digital Era Dr NG Chi-ho Shue Yan 30 610,750
35 UGC/FDS16/P02/20 Investigation of metal oxide-based nanofiber as cost-effective catalyst for biodiesel synthesis Dr NG Christie Morgan Ching-man OUHK 36 874,675
36 UGC/FDS11/H13/20 Attitudes towards School-Based Sexuality Education among Secondary School Students and Teachers: An exploration of its Associated Factors Dr NG Hoi-nga Caritas 24 774,050
37 UGC/FDS15/H10/20 Spurious Moderated Mediation Effect: A Methodological Remedy Dr NG Jacky Chi-kit Shue Yan 24 634,280
38 UGC/FDS24/H08/20 Promoting Children's Pro-environmental Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis Dr NG Mei-lan PolyU SPEED 24 488,246
39 UGC/FDS24/E07/20 Development of Plant Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites (PFRPCs) with Enhanced Mechanical and Flame-Retardant Properties Dr NG Sun-pui PolyU SPEED 36 905,955
40 UGC/FDS16/H10/20 Linking moral dilemmas and social dilemmas: Examining moral principles that drive cooperation Dr NG Ting-tat OUHK 24 986,057
41 UGC/FDS14/P01/20 Inference for Multiple Change-points in Piecewise Locally Stationary Time Series Dr NG Wai-leong HSUHK 36 1,628,450
42 UGC/FDS25/M01/20 The fate and effects of PPCPs in soil-plant systems and their metabolization by plants with potential use in phytotreatment/remediation applications Dr PAN Min THEi 30 1,058,123
43 UGC/FDS51/H03/20 Solving the unsolvable: Effecting speedy, massive and quality translation of Hong Kong case law on a human-machine-interactive translation platform Prof SIN King-kui UOWCHK 24 1,248,030
44 UGC/FDS14/P02/20 Generalized Sethi Advertising Model and Extensions Dr SIU Chi-chung HSUHK 36 759,100
45 UGC/FDS24/E09/20 A Machine Learning Model for Recommendation System for Generic Competency Development in Higher Education Dr SO Joseph Chi-ho PolyU SPEED 36 989,798
46 UGC/FDS14/H09/20 Acculturative Stress, Coping Strategies, and Social Support: A Cross-cultural Comparative Study of "Hong Kong Drifters" and "Northward Drifters" in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Dr SONG Zhaoxun HSUHK 24 590,165
47 UGC/FDS23/H04/20 Hong Kong Cinema in the Age of Precarity Dr TAM Yee-lok HKBU SCE 24 512,969
48 UGC/FDS14/H07/20 The Impact of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement on Conception of Citizenship in Hong Kong Dr TANG Gary Kin-yat HSUHK 24 830,078
49 UGC/FDS14/P05/20 Variable Selection Methods for Complex Data Analysis Prof TANG Man-lai HSUHK 36 1,453,650
50 UGC/FDS25/H01/20 Focus Interpretation and Prosodic Evidence of Nuclear Stress in Hong Kong Cantonese Dr TONG Man-shan THEi 36 859,862
51 UGC/FDS25/E08/20 Hydrogen on demand ‐ Development of hydrogel-based hydrogen generator using single atom strategy for flexible power devices Dr TSANG Chi-wing THEi 30 992,841
52 UGC/FDS16/E03/20 An investigation of daylight-linked lighting control system in urban area by simulation approach and development of weather database for daylighting assessment Dr TSANG Kin-wai OUHK 36 1,314,119
53 UGC/FDS25/M08/20 Investigating the functional role of aryl alcohol dehydrogenase in Candida dubliniensis biofilm matrix synthesis via a proteomic approach Dr TSANG Wai-kei THEi 24 805,749
54 UGC/FDS25/H06/20 Mapping the Development of Recording Studios in Postwar Hong Kong Dr TSANG Yik-man THEi 24 381,900
55 UGC/FDS51/H01/20 Identity and Remembrance: Investigating the Poetry of Qing Adherents in Hong Kong During the Republican Period Dr TSUI Man-hon UOWCHK 24 365,570
56 UGC/FDS24/H10/20 Environmental communications: Interplay effects between heterogeneous goal-framed messages on recycling behaviors Dr WONG Phoebe Wai-sum PolyU SPEED 18 492,300
57 UGC/FDS14/H12/20 Exploring the Idea of Public Reason: Studying the Later Rawls's philosophy by the archival approach Dr WONG Baldwin Bon-wah HSUHK 36 891,385
58 UGC/FDS14/B02/20 The Effects of Global Aviation Network Data Analytic Approach on Strategic Network Development and Traffic Forecasting Dr WONG Collin Wai-hung HSUHK 24 623,400
59 UGC/FDS16/M08/20 New Development of Rapid and Easy Authentication Method of Single Drug Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) coupled with Chemometrics Dr WONG Emily Sze-wan OUHK 18 1,015,550
60 UGC/FDS14/H11/20 A Temporal Relationship Theory for the Justification of Love Dr WONG Muk-yan HSUHK 24 262,300
61 UGC/FDS15/B06/20 Empirical Tests of Economic Integration and Estimates of Transaction Costs: A Study of Belt and Road Initiative Dr WOO Kai-yin Shue Yan 24 798,155
62 UGC/FDS14/E06/20 A Blockchain-enabled IoT System for Pallet-pooling Management Dr WU Chun-ho HSUHK 30 595,800
63 UGC/FDS13/E02/20 Developing constitutive models from deep learning for natural clays Dr YANG Yi Chu Hai 36 1,051,499
64 UGC/FDS24/H12/20 Definiteness marking, topicalization and disposal variations in the Chinese: Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Xiang and Min dialects Dr YAO Shuiying PolyU SPEED 24 569,732
65 UGC/FDS14/B10/20 What do Expanded Audit Reports Tell? Initial Evidence from the United Kingdom Dr YAU Belinda Ling-na HSUHK 24 660,200
66 UGC/FDS17/M03/20 Efficacy of biofeedback-controlled game-based swallowing training (BGBST) in stroke survivors Dr YIP Chi-kong TWC 24 900,757
67 UGC/FDS14/P03/20 Low-rank Matrix Optimization via Nonconvex Regularization with Applications Dr YU Kwok-wai HSUHK 24 966,100
68 UGC/FDS15/E02/20 Developing and Validating Cloud Intelligence Assessment System on Identification on Developmental Dyslexia of Chinese Language Dr YUEN Connie Man-ching Shue Yan 24 1,192,011
69 UGC/FDS14/B06/20 The Polarizing Effects of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Self-Promotion and Self-Protection Perspectives Dr ZENG Jing HSUHK 24 448,195