Strategic Public Policy Research - Layman summaries of projects funded in 2012/2013 exercise

Social integration of children born in Hong Kong to Mainland women: A study of long-term implications on education, health and social services
Principal Investigator: Dr Edward KL Chan (HKU)

Despite the booming of babies born in Hong Kong to women of Mainland China, research focusing on these babies and their family has been lacking. The study aims at extending the knowledge on the profile of the cross border families and their planning of residence in Hong Kong, and to examine the welfare and protection for these children by investigating their quality of life and how they integrate into the society.

This proposed study contributes to the extant work on the impact of migration on family that has been understudied in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Findings will serve as an important reference for population projection, future policy and service planning in Hong Kong, as well as enhancing the estimation of the social needs of the cross-border families and thus informing the choice of appropriate interventions so as to support these families' life coping in Hong Kong.

An Integrated Study of the Population Policy for Hong Kong
Principal Investigator: Prof Paul SF Yip (HKU)

This five-year project aims to develop evidence-based strategies to respond to HK's population changes and explore the potential socio-economic impact of some relevant short-, medium- and long-term policies. We shall also explore and study relevant population policies in other countries to enlighten us how to make Hong Kong population development more sustainable and competitive. A thorough assessment of the population change will be made and any impact on its sustainability will be carefully evaluated such that timely and relevant recommendations can be suggested to the Government and the community at large.

We are aiming to establish a population policy knowledge hub for Hong Kong at the University with its allies, locally and internationally and develop evidence based population policies to mitigate the pressure arising from the important issues of low TFR, reduced labour supply, increased economic dependence ratio, and population ageing. A multidisciplinary team across different departments and across universities has been formed with the international collaborators. We are setting up an archive which include the relevant research publications on population issues in Hong Kong and other places. We are ready to generate and provide the much needed information for the community such that more effective population policies can be implemented and the overall well-being of the population can then be enhanced and enriched.