Strategic Public Policy Research - Layman summaries of projects funded in 2010/2011 exercise

The Role of Hong Kong's Financial Centre in China's Development
Principal Investigator: Professor Stephen YL Cheung (HKBU)

China's rapid economic transformation and deepened integration with the global system have created opportunities and challenges to Hong Kong as a financial centre. With an independent currency, high standard of professional services, and outstanding infrastructure, Hong Kong can play a special role in China's process of financial liberalization as her economy continues to grow at remarkable rates. This project aims to evaluate the interaction between Hong Kong's financial sector and the Chinese economy and investigate how Hong Kong should be strategically positioned to further our contribution to China's financial and economic development in the coming decades. Emphasis will be placed on Hong Kong's functions in promoting the internationalization and convertibility of the Renminbi as well as the implementation of China's "going out" policy. The research will identify major policy initiatives that should be launched to enhance Hong Kong's position as an international financial centre in China.

Using a systematic approach to evaluate primary care development in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kunming and Shanghai
Principal Investigator: Professor Xiaolin Wei (CUHK)

The healthcare systems of Hong Kong and mainland China are facing many similar challenges in recent years. Increasing health care need of ageing populations, increasing populations with unhealthy lifestyles and consequent chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, combined with the rising costs of high technology treatments are putting a heavy strain on limited healthcare resources. The current study will take Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Kunming as research sites to systematically compare primary care development using a validated approach and assessment tools. The overall aims of the study are to investigate the structure of primary care in the four cities, to measure the changes of primary care in response to the ongoing health reform, to gain a better understanding of Hong Kong and mainland China's primary care systems for common challenges and to propose possible solutions across the country.