Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 2010/2011

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Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$
(inclusive of on-costs)
1011-PPR-10 An investigation of daylight linked lighting controls and the implications to building energy and environment policies Dr Hin Wa Danny LI CityU 351,540 24 months
1015-PPR-10 Enhancing Hong Kong SMEs' Competitiveness via Open Information Services Prof Jianliang ZHAO CityU 848,160 24 months
2004-PPR-10 Community Interpreting in Hong Kong Dr Ester Sin-man LEUNG HKBU 395,250 24 months
3001-PPR-10 Cross-Sectoral Synergy in Cultural-creative SMEs: Creativity, talents and entrepreneurship Prof Ching Kiu Stephen CHAN LU 384,090 18 months
4004-PPR-10 The Public Health Impacts of the Policy Decision to Reduce Alcohol Tax in Hong Kong Prof Sian Meryl GRIFFITHS CUHK 751,440 36 months
4012-PPR-10 Hong Kong or Singapore? Strategic Location Choice of Chinese Multinational Firms' Asia Regional Headquarters Prof Xufei MA CUHK 279,000 18 months
5002-PPR-10 Evaluating the social, economical, cultural and heritage impacts of the "Revitalising Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme" in Hong Kong Prof Albert Ping-chuen CHAN PolyU 340,380 12 months
5015-PPR-10 Green apparel merchandising and its policy implications for Hong Kong's trade development Dr Christina Wing-yan WONG PolyU 474,300 36 months
6002-PPR-10 Tracking Knowledge-Transfer from Universities to Society in Hong Kong's Innovation System Prof Nau Bahar SHARIF HKUST 372,000 24 months
6003-PPR-10 Private-Public Joint Ventures in Infrastructure Projects Prof Susheng WANG HKUST 373,860 24 months
6004-PPR-10 Developing comprehensive performance-based road pavement management strategies in Hong Kong Prof Xueqing ZHANG HKUST 465,000 24 months
7001-PPR-10 Promoting Economic Integrity through Institutional Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Law and Policy Perspective Dr Shahla ALI HKU 427,800 24 months
7002-PPR-10 A longitudinal study on intimate partner violence against Chinese pregnant women and child abuse in Hong Kong Dr Edward Ko Ling CHAN HKU 322,710 18 months
7004-PPR-10 Managing the Transition towards a Low-carbon Economy: Stakeholder Engagement for Technological Environmental Innovation Decision-making in Hong Kong Prof Victor On Kwok LI HKU 571,950 24 months
7008-PPR-10 Longevity increase, retirement saving and retirement age: Economic analyses and policy implications Dr Sau-him P. LAU HKU 345,960 30 months
7014-PPR-10 Segregation or Sorting? The Causes and Consequences of Hong Kong's Socio-Spatial Structure Dr Paavo Herbert MONKKONEN HKU 620,310 24 months
7023-PPR-10 A Study on Population Health and Health Economicsfor Hong Kong SAR Prof Paul S. F. YIP HKU 465,000 24 months
7025-PPR-10 Educational Inequality and ICT Use in Schools: Bridging the Digital Divide Dr Hoi Kau YUEN HKU 373,860 24 months
8012-PPR-10 An innovative methodology for data with a hierarchical structure and its applications and implications for policy-formulation Prof Wen Chung WANG HKIEd 443,610 24 months
8013-PPR-10 A Territory-wide Study on the Impact of the Voucher Scheme on Parents' Choice of Early Childhood Education Services Dr Gail Wai-kwan YUEN HKIEd 365,490 18 months