Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 7th Round

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Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$
(with 15% on-costs)
1003-PPR-09 Exploring Peripheralisation and Residualisation in Hong Kong's Public Rental Housing: New Policy Challenges. Prof Raymond Scott FORREST CityU 421,590 24 months
3001-PPR-09 Audience Development as Cultural Policy in Hong Kong since 1997. Prof Ching Kiu Stephen CHAN LU 448,500 24 months
4003-PPR-09 The Impact of Socioeconomic Backgrounds on the Academic Achievement of Senior Secondary School Students: The Case of NSS Liberal Studies. Prof Stephen Wing-kai CHIU CUHK 556,140 36 months
4004-PPR-09 Economic returns to postsecondary sub-degree education. Prof Stephen Yue-ping CHUNG CUHK 464,646 18 months
4005-PPR-09 Anatomy of a Financial Centre: A systemic analysis of Hong Kong's legal and regulatory framework for its securities market. Prof David C. DONALD CUHK 448,500 36 months
4006-PPR-09 Evaluation of the Impact of Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme in Hong Kong and its Potential Extension. Prof Sian Meryl GRIFFITHS CUHK 557,410 24 months
4009-PPR-09 Policy for culture-led urban regeneration and development. Prof Desmond Cheuk-kuen HUI CUHK 291,525 24 months
4013-PPR-09 Medico-social Impact of a Comprehensive Multi-disciplinary Program for the Care of Fragility Fracture of the Elderly - Implications for Healthcare Policy in Hong Kong. Prof Kwok-Sui LEUNG CUHK 363,608 36 months
4014-PPR-09 Political recruitment in an administrative state: grooming political talents for Hong Kong. Prof Ngok MA CUHK 333,146 20 months
4017-PPR-09 Noncognitive Human Capital as a Generator of Social Inequality: New Evidence and Policy Implications for Education in Hong Kong. Prof Tony TAM CUHK 313,950 24 months
4020-PPR-09 The Impact of the introduction of a statutory minimum wage on labour market conditions and the quality of life of vulnerable groups in Hong Kong. Prof Hung WONG CUHK 448,500 28 months
4023-PPR-09 Restructuring of Hong Kong Manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta: Challenges and Policy Responses. Dr Chun YANG HKBU 373,152 24 months
5005-PPR-09 Green practices in Hong Kong's shipping industry - empirical evidence and policy implications. Dr Kee-hung LAI PolyU 538,200 36 months
5006-PPR-09 Impacts of climatic warming on high density living in Hong Kong using remote sensing and GIS modelling. Prof Janet Elizabeth NICHOL PolyU 412,620 24 months
5007-PPR-09 Policy of Accessible Public Toilets for Visually Impaired People. Prof Kin Wai Michael SIU PolyU 269,100 24 months
6001-PPR-09 Occupational Segregation, Anti-Discrimination Policies & Gender Inequality in Hong Kong. Prof Raymond S K WONG HKUST 313,950 24 months
7001-PPR-09 Competition and Environmental Sustainability in Hong Kong's Energy Market. Mr Thomas Kin Hon CHENG HKU 322,920 36 months
7003-PPR-09 A long term evaluation of the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Hong Kong Scoliosis Screening Programme. Dr Daniel Yee Tak FONG HKU 403,650 24 months
7008-PPR-09 Legal Assistance for Asylum Seekers and Torture Claimants in Hong Kong. Ms Kelley Ann LOPER HKU 358,800 36 months
7010-PPR-09 Parterships for Sustainable Development: Implications for Public Policy in Hong Kong. Prof Richard Mark WALKER CityU 627,900 30 months