Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 6th Round

*Please click the project titles for layman's summaries of completed projects

Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$ Duration
4003-PPR-6 Ability Grouping and Reading Achievement: Mechanisms and effects on students in Hong Kong and 34 countries Prof Ming-ming Chiu CUHK 355,992 24 months
4007-PPR-6 Managing Environmental Conflicts Arising from Developments in Ecologically Sensitive Areas in Hong Kong Prof Kwai-cheong Chau CUHK 287,000 24 months
4010-PPR-6 Legal recognition of same sex partnerships in a Chinese context: a public health perspective Prof Chi-kei Lee CUHK 700,000 24 months
5003-PPR-6 Evaluating Hong Kong's Competitiveness as an International Tourism Destination from the Economic Policy Perspective Prof Haiyan Song PolyU 504,000 24 months
5007-PPR-6 Public Healthcare Welfare by Computerized TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Diagnosis System Prof David Dapeng Zhang PolyU 600,000 36 months
7004-PPR-6 Prediction of mortality and hospital use in older people in Hong Kong Dr Sarah Morag McGhee HKU 700,000 20 months
7005-PPR-6 A comparative study of transnational higher education policy and governance in Hong Kong, Shenzhen China and Singapore Prof Ka Ho Mok HKIEd 726,000 24 months