Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 5th Round

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Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$ Duration
2001-PPR-5 The Problems and the Solutions to E-waste Generation and Disposal in Hong Kong Dr Shan-shan Chung HKBU 540,552 24 months
2003-PPR-5 Specifying Hong Kong University Students' Core English Competency: Language Education and Planning Dr Cynthia Fong-king Lee HKBU 707,220 24 months
3002-PPR-5 Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre for China and for the World Prof Ping Lin LU 1,399,000 24 months
5002-PPR-5 Bilateral Liberalization of International Air Transport - An Economic and Public Policy Study for HKSAR Dr Xiaowen Fu PolyU 342,000 24 months
7001-PPR-5 A study on effectiveness of integrated home care service in community care for elderly people in Hong Kong Dr Ernest Wing Tak Chui HKU 620,560 12 months
7002-PPR-5 Consultation mechanism and processes in major public works and in urban planning and redevelopment Dr Chi Kwong Law HKU 312,000 12 months
7008-PPR-5 The legal and policy implications of establishing the Communications Authority in Hong Kong Dr Richard Wai Sang Wu HKU 370,000 18 months
7010-PPR-5 Review of animal welfare legislation in Hong Kong Ms Amanda Sarah Whitfort HKU 497,000 18 months
8001-PPR-5 Hong Kong Students' Attitudes to Citizenship: Monitoring Progress Ten Years after Hong Kong's Return to China Prof Kerry J Kennedy HKIEd 570,000 36 months
8004-PPR-5 Improving Vocational Outcomes for Hong Kong's Social and Economic Development: A Role for Vocational Teacher Education Prof Richard Gordon Bagnall HKIEd 634,898 36 months
8006-PPR-5 Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong Early Childhood Education: Meeting the Challenges of the New Policy Dr Pui Wah Doris Cheng HKIEd 490,000 24 months