Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 2nd Round*

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Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$ Duration
1001-PPR-2 Development and Validation of Design Tools for Estimating the Indoor Daylight Illuminance under the 15 CIE Standard Skies Dr Danny Hin-wa Li CityU 360,160 24 months
1003-PPR-2 The Possibilities of Gender Mainstreaming Social Policy on Family Violence in Hong Kong Dr Lai-ching Leung CityU 327,624 24 months
2004-PPR-2 Development of Music Education in the 21st century: Cultural and Policy Issues Dr Wai Chung Ho HKBU 348,700 18 months
2005-PPR-2 The Relationship Between Musical Aptitude, Musical Achievement, and Academic Aptitudes: Implications for Student Diversity and Education Dr Ho Shun Esther Mang HKBU 632,400 18 months
3002-PPR-2 Fair Competition underLaissez-Faireism: Policy Options for Hong Kong Prof Ping Lin LU 348,700 15 months
4006-PPR-2 An Economic Analysis of Gender Earnings Gaps in Hong Kong, 1981-2006 Prof Junsen Zhang CUHK 356,000 24 months
4009-PPR-2 The Effect of Medium-of-Instruction Policy on Educational Advancement in HKSAR Society Prof Wing-kwong Tsang CUHK 643,200 18 months
4010-PPR-2 Resources, Distribution, School Autonomy and Student Achievement: Modeling Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) Effects Prof Ming-ming Chiu CUHK 190,000 24 months
4016-PPR-2 For a Sustainable Development of the Hong Kong Movie Industry: An Evaluation of the Film Council and the China Market as Policy Options Prof Joseph Man Chan CUHK 351,439 15 months
4017-PPR-2 Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong: Utilization Pattern and Its Role in the Future Health Care System Prof Sian Griffiths CUHK 441,100 24 months
6001-PPR-2 Mortality transition in Hong Kong and its major theoretical and policy implications Dr Jow Ching Tu HKUST 657,600 36 months
7013-PPR-2 Hong Kong as logistics hub in global value chains: analysis and policies Dr James Jixian Wang HKU 426,300 22 months
7022-PPR-2 Assuring Hong Kong's water supply: learning the lessons of the 1963 drought Dr Ji Chen HKU 480,000 24 months
7023-PPR-2 Urban planning and innovations for sustainable city development: an analytical and empirical analysis of master layout plans for comprehensive development areas Prof Lawrence Wai Chung Lai HKU 347,000 24 months
8001-PPR-2 Educational Provision for Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Meeting the Challenges of the Proposed Racial Discrimination Bill Prof Kerry J Kennedy HKIEd 559,000 36 months
8002-PPR-2 Improving Life Chances and Social Mobility Through Language Proficiency Provision in Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong: Meeting the Challenges of the Language Education Policy Dr Leung Cheung Shing Samuel HKIEd 587,000 30 months