Public Policy Research - List of Projects Funded in 1st Round*

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Project No. Project Title Principal Investigator Institution Funds Awarded HK$ Duration
1001-PPR20051 Assessment on Suitability of Existing Air Quality Objectives (AQO) and Air Pollution Index (API) Used in Hong Kong Dr Jane Weizhen Lu City U 386,000 24 months
4004-PPR20051 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of an Acute Pain Service Prof Anna Lee CUHK 804,000 36 months
4008-PPR20051 Siting Locally Unwanted Land Uses: In Your Backyard or in Mine? Prof Kin-che Lam CUHK 472,000 24 months
4014-PPR20051 Impacts of the Community Work Experience and Training Programme on Welfare Receipients Prof Kwong-leung Tang CUHK 525,000 24 months
4016-PPR20051 Who Gets Ahead (or Stays Behind): Life Chances and Social Mobility in Hong Kong Prof Tai-lok Lui CUHK 916,000 34 months
6003-PPR20051 Social inequality and mobility in Hong Kong: A benchmark study Dr Xiaogang Wu HKUST 981,000 30 months
6004-PPR20051 Hybrid vehicles and hydrogen economy as the interim and long-term solutions to Hong Kong's energy usage Prof Ming Fang HKUST 771,000 18 months
7004-PPR20051 Integration of new immigrants in Hong Kong: a longitudinal investigation Dr Kee Lee Chou HKU 696,825 33 months
7006-PPR20051 Cost and clinical effectiveness of the Hong Kong scoliosis Dr Daniel Yee Tak Fong HKU 710,000 24 months
7011-PPR20051 Horizontal equity in health care utilization in Hong Kong Dr Gabriel Matthew Leung HKU 387,000 18 months
7012-PPR20051 Innovative planning tools for urban renewal in Hong Kong Dr Ling Hin Li HKU 206,000 12 months
7023-PPR20051 Forfeiture of crime tainted property in Hong Kong Mr Simon Ngai Man Young HKU 417,000 21 months