RGC Public Lectures - Social Considerations for Urban Renewal and Urban Planning

A leading scholar has been invited to deliver a public lecture on Social Considerations for Urban Renewal and Urban Planning organized by the Research Grants Council with the Hong Kong Central Library on 28 September 2014 (Sunday). Details of the lecture are as follows:

Topic Speaker Time
Social Considerations in Planning Public Open Space to Integrate Elderly People in Urban Renewal Prof Edwin Hon-wan Chan (Associate Head (Research), Professor, Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre G/F, Hong Kong Central Library (Location Map)
Language: Cantonese
Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis.

For enquires, please contact us at 2524 3987 or rgc@ugc.edu.hk.

Brief introduction:

The population is aging rapidly in many major cities worldwide, and Hong Kong is one example for a dense city. The needs of this elderly population have evolved due to social, economic, environmental and political transformations. More research is needed to address the integrated relationships between the urban environment and the social needs of the older people. In urban environment, open space is recognized as increasingly significant element to elderly people nowadays, who are becoming more mobile in their living environment. Public open space can enhance the social relations and interactions of elderly people with other people in a city. It offers physical, sociological and psychological benefits and also enhances the quality of life of older people. However, criteria for provision of outdoor spaces affecting older people¡¦s well-being and quality of life are not fully investigated. This study focuses on the social aspects of the elderly people to investigate the extent that public open space can enhance the concept of active aging and improve the quality of life of the older people. Urban renewal, as a second chance to re-plan our cities with the benefits of learning from existing conditions, should play a vital role to support other policy instruments to integrate and enhance the quality of life of different age groups. In particular, with the issue of land scarcity and intense pressure on economic growth, open space provision as an allocation of public resources, tends to be sacrificed for urban (re)development.

About the Speaker:

Professor Edwin Chan studied Architecture in England and then learnt Law in London and Hong Kong. He has carried out a wide range of research relating to urban development including: Sustainable urban development and Urban renewal/ heritage conservation; Low carbon cities; Healthy/Green building; Institutional analysis for building energy efficiency and transaction costs; Dispute resolution model; and Community issues. He has published his work in over 100 international journal papers and many book chapters. He serves as an editor or editorial board member of several research journals and has edited many books related to his research. To enrich teaching/research that is relevant to industry, he plays active roles in professional bodies and serves a number of government boards/ committees, including the Town Planning Board and the Housing Authority. Recently, he has focused his research efforts on sustainability issues in urban renewal and governance, as well as policies for low carbon cities and the promotion of energy efficient buildings.


RGC Public Lectures - Social Considerations for Urban Renewal and Urban Planning (Photo 1) (Public open space in Kwun Tong - Yuen Man Square)

Public open space in Kwun Tong- Yuen Man Square

RGC Public Lectures - Social Considerations for Urban Renewal and Urban Planning (Photo 2) (Public open space in Kwun Tong - Yuet Wah Street)

Public open space in Kwun Tong- Yuet Wah Street