Chapter 6: UGC Operations

It is vital for Hong Kong graduates to possess the necessary skills, knowledge and creativity that would promote Hong Kong's competitiveness in the globalised economy and facilitate its transformation into a knowledge-based economy. It is therefore imperative for higher education providers to interact closely with the economic, social, cultural and industrial developments of the community. In response to increasing demands for greater openness and accountability, the UGC, during the reporting triennium, took a more active role in promoting public understanding about the higher education sector, its achievement and the role of the UGC.

To ensure focused efforts in this area of work, PRSG was established under the UGC in April 1999 to advise the Committee on public relations and publicity matters, and to foster understanding and communication between the UGC-funded sector and the community. A PR Consultant was also engaged in September 1999 to provide professional advice and support to the UGC in the formulation of a long-term PR strategy and in drawing up an agenda of relevant activities.

To solicit community support for higher education, the Chairman and the Secretary-General of the UGC have also been very active in outreaching, demonstrating to the community the achievement of the UGC-funded institutions as a whole and explaining to them issues concerning the sector. During the reporting triennium, the UGC Chairman and the Secretary-General met with members of the Executive Council, heads of major chambers of commerce, various groups of community leaders, etc.

Reception for Outstanding Students at the Government House Intervasity Debating Contest 2001
Reception for Outstanding Students at the Government House   Intervasity Debating Contest 2001  
A number of PR initiatives were also undertaken during the reporting triennium with a focus on the local community.

A reception for outstanding students was hosted at the Government House in December 2001 with the attendance of leaders from a wide spectrum of the community. The UGC also sponsored the Final of the Intervarsity Debating Contest 2001 between HKU and CUHK to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this annual event. The Honourable Donald Tsang, JP, the then Financial Secretary, attended the event as the guest of honour.
  The UGC Logo  
The UGC Logo

In order that the achievements of the higher education sector can be promoted to the wider community, the UGC, with full support of the institutions, cooperated with the Television Broadcasts Limited for the production of an 8-episode TV programme series entitled "Higher Education Perspectives". It was broadcasted in February/March 2001 with very positive feedback.

A corporate video on the UGC and the higher education sector in Hong Kong was also produced. The video was widely distributed to the UGC's local and overseas contacts. To disseminate a clear corporate identity of the UGC, a UGC logo and a corporate colour scheme were adopted during the reporting triennium.

The UGC also maintains a comprehensive website <> to facilitate direct communication with the public and publication of information about the roles, functions and operations of the Committees as well as the UGC-funded higher education sector generally.
Press releases, reports, papers and statistics are also disseminated through the web. In addition, a web-based forum to allow free expression of views and interactive discussions on topics relevant to the Hong Kong higher education was also set up. The UGC home page has recorded nearly 350,000 hits since its official opening on 8 May 1997.

Local community aside, international networking remains very high in the agenda of the UGC which considers it to be very essential to keep itself up-to-date with international developments and trends in higher education. Throughout the reporting triennium, the UGC/Secretariat participated in international education forums and conferences in more than 10 cities worldwide. Study tours were also conducted in Singapore in December 1999, and in Mainland China on Chinese Medicine in April 2000. As host, the UGC received more than 35 education bodies from different countries during the reporting triennium.
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