Chapter 5: Capital Works

The UGC considers hostel life an essential part of higher education which provides students with an environment conducive to learning and greater social interaction, thereby enriching personal development and learning experience generally.

Under the current policy, all undergraduates should have the opportunity to stay in hostels for at least one year. In addition, all research postgraduates, non-local students and those undergraduates whose daily travelling time exceeds four hours are provided with hostel places. As a result of the policy, a shortfall of about 11,000 hostel places have been identified, some of which were addressed in the UGC capital programmes for the 1995-1998 triennium. During the reporting triennium, and in the context of the capital programmes, approval was given for the remaining shortfall of some 6,400 to be provided to the relevant institutions.
  Hostel Life  
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