Chapter 5: Capital Works


Minor works projects costing less than HK$15 million each are normally funded from the AA&I block allocation vote. This enables relatively small-scale but urgent projects to be attended to in a timely manner. The scope of the programme also covers funding required for the conduct of site investigation and preliminary design work of capital works projects, as well as detailed design works and preparation of tender documents for such projects prior to the seeking of funds for construction work. Starting from the 1998-1999 financial year, slope stabilisation works were made within the remit of the block allocation.
The AA&I block allocation enables minor repair an reinforcement projects to be carried out in an expeditious way. The Secretary-General of the UGC is delegated with the authority to permit expenditure of funding under the block allocation.

Total AA&I block allocation approved during the 1998-2001 triennium amounted to some HK$844 million.
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