Chapter 5: Capital Works
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In principle, the UGC takes an active interest in all building developments of UGC-funded institutions to ensure that the proposed developments are in line with the master development plan of the campus, and are consistent with the roles and missions of the institutions as agreed with the UGC.

The UGC sees capital developments as an important contributing factor in the provision of quality education and the undertaking of quality research, and in this sense, contributes positively to the performance of the institutions. Through the annual Capital Programme and Alterations, Additions and Improvements (AA&I) block allocation, the UGC ensures that institutions are provided with the necessary resources to meet their space requirements, to maintain their space and facilities in a proper state to support their research and educational mission, and to better equip institutions to meet future challenges.

The UGC also considers hostel life to be an essential part of higher education. During the reporting triennium, the target of providing 11,000 hostel places was met.

Alongside with the commitment to address institutions' capital needs, the UGC attaches equal importance to deriving an objective, locally relevant and internationally-benchmarked standard against which institutions' space requirement and provision can be measured. This common standard was formulated during the reporting triennium.
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