Chapter 3: Quality


The UGC also highlighted the need for institutions to assure management quality, thereby ensuring devolved funds and resources were managed appropriately, through the conduct of a Management Review in the 1998-2001 triennium.

The Management Review was aimed at promoting self-assessment and self improvement by the institutions in the areas of internal resource allocation, planning and financial processes relating to the institutions' academic plans and objectives. The exercise began in 1998 and was successfully completed in 1999. The outcome revealed that the institutions were generally well-managed and that management practices were comparable with peer institutions around the world.

Considering that there was no one universal management model which could fit all institutions, the Management Review focused on the sharing of best practices and experience, and aimed to create an environment of improvement. To this end, the UGC published an overarching report with examples of good practices in mid-2000.

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