Issue No 8: May 2004
New round of funding approved
Nine projects awarded $27.5m
Q&A: Peer-review policy kept under constant review
‘Simple’ solution to reducing data flow bottlenecks
New use for common laser diode provides key for all-optical network
Design ideas bring smart antenna down to size and with less radiation
Algorithm leads to boost in performance
Filter contributes to success of two-way global positioning system
Mobile phone circuits to get even smaller

A research project supported by central allocation funding receives a visit from CASC members in December 2003.
Also announced recently were details of how Central Allocation funds have been distributed in the 2003-2004 exercise.
Of 28 proposals received by the RGC’s Central Allocation Sub-Committee (CASC) seeking a total of HK$127.6 million, one equipment and eight group research projects were successful and were awarded a total HK$27.5 million.
Besides selecting proposals for funding, CASC also monitors on-going projects it has approved. In its latest round of visits in December 2003, the CASC reviewed the progress of five research projects funded in 2001-2002.