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Project Flame: Social Innovation and [email protected]

Despite modern developments in technology, business, and in the efforts of governments and NGOs, problems of poverty, discrimination, social and economic exclusion, and environmental degradation dominate our world.

Centre for Research into Circulating Fetal Nucleic Acids

This project aimed to develop a new non-invasive prenatal testing technology for providing genetic and chromosomal information about a fetus in a safe manner. The project team (Fig. 1) had successfully developed such a technology in the first phase of the project (Fig. 2) and then went on to validate it for Down syndrome testing in the second phase (Fig. 3).

Regional Innovation Systems in Post-reform China: Indigenous Innovation and Regional Transformation in the Pearl River Delta

After three decades of opening and reform, China, particularly the Pearl River Delta (PRD) has attempted to change its roles in the global economy from a low-tech manufacturer to a high value-added technology-intensive producer.

Chinese Local Governments, Industrial Clusters, and Regional Disparities

This project makes substantial contributions to the literature on economic growth and inequality, new economic geography: industrial clusters, and Chinese institutions.

Time to leave? The Influence of Resource Dependence Structures on Sequential Investment Termination by Venture Capital Firms

This study examines how venture capital (VC) firms terminate their investments in portfolio companies. The VC literature to date has primarily focused on how and why VC firms select certain investments and the performance consequence of their strategies.

Children of Empire: Eurasians in Hong Kong, China and Britain, 1830-1960

Photographs constitute a unique record of the intimate history of China’s interactions with Britain and its empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries...

Antecedents and Consequences of the Establishment of Host Country Headquarter in Large Emerging Markets: Evidence from BRIC Countries

Conventional wisdom suggests that in an era of global competition, multinational enterprises (MNEs) can no longer afford to have "kings of countries"...

Hong Kong Women Filmmakers: Sex, Politics and Cinema Aesthetics, 1997-2010

This project examines the major role Hong Kong women filmmakers play in local, regional, and global motion picture culture since the establishment of the HKSAR in 1997.