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  New horizons in research funding: Developing junior academics and enhancing research support for humanities and social sciences

  Reorganization of RGC Subject Panels

  Liquid-based Photovoltaic/Thermal Cogeneration for Real Building Application

  Development and Study of Hybrid Photovoltaic Cells

  Interfaces between Fullerenes and Semiconductor Nanowires: Nanofabrication and Photoinduced Charge Separation

  Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy: 
A New Tool for Suppressing Visceral Pain

  On the Architecture of Synapses

  Unlocking the Causes of Stroke in Asia: The Importance of Intracranial Atherosclerosis

  Area of Excellence in Information Technology

  RGC Collaborative Research Fund – Layman Summaries of Projects Funded in 2010/11 Exercise

To improve the effectiveness of the evaluation mechanism, the RGC endorsed the formation of a new subject panel and two sub-panels to assess the applications submitted under various research funding schemes:

(a) a Business Studies Panel be established under the RGC to replace the Business Studies Sub-Panel; 

(b) the Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies Panel be renamed as the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel;

(c) a Mechanical, Civil & Materials Engineering and System Design Sub-Panel be formed under the Engineering Panel; and

(d) an Arts and Humanities Sub-Panel be formed under the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel.