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Highlights of the Year

Government announced its support for UGC's recommendations on HKIEd's institutional development
The Government agreed to earmark additional undergraduate and research postgraduate student places and resources for HKIEd to transform itself into an Education-focused multidisciplinary institution with strengthened research capacity, subject to meeting the prerequisites set out by the UGC.

 UGC briefed the press on its activities
The Chairman and several UGC members met the press after the April UGC meeting to brief them on the main issues discussed. The regular press briefing takes place after each of the three UGC meetings each year

Research Grants Council Public Lectures

RGC co-organised with Hong Kong Science Museum regular public lectures three times a year. They are open to the public and intended for promoting the work of RGC and the achievements of the research community in Hong Kong. The first was held in April 2009. Past lectures addressed a range of topics, such as "Cancer Research",  "Environmental/Energy Research", "Chinese Medicine".

Chairman met with the members of the Senates and Academic Board of all eight institutions (May – October 2009)
The Chairman UGC briefed academic leaders of all eight institutions on the recent work of the UGC and listened to their views on issues relating to the higher education sector, through a programme of visits spanning six months.

Symposium on Outcome-based Approaches in Student Learning
With the support of the UGC, the Task Force on Outcome-based Approaches in Student Learning organised the Symposium on Outcome-based Approaches in Student Learning: "The Outcome-based Approach: Where are We Now and Where are We Going?" to promote outcome-based approaches in student learning among institutions. It was well-attended by some 400 participants.

Announcement of funding results of the 5th Round Areas of Excellence Scheme
The UGC endorsed funded of $378 million in total over up to eight years to support five proposals submitted by institutions on areas with international recognition.

Consultation Fora on Higher Education Review 2010 (HER 2010)
The UGC has embarked on the HER 2010 which aims to come up with a forward looking document within 2010 that can assist the Government and the public in reflecting on the purposes of higher education and perceived world trends, and setting out our vision and hence the strategies for Hong Kong’s higher education system. The Higher Education Review Group was established for this purpose.

The Group held two consultative fora on 2 and 3 September 2009 for the staff and students of the UGC-funded institutions. The views and comments received have assisted the Group in taking forward the Review.

Publication of the Quality Audit Report on HKBU
The Quality Assurance Council (QAC) published the Quality Audit Report on HKBU in September 2009. The Panel’s findings confirmed that HKBU achieved its goal of providing undergraduate students with a liberal, holistic education through the concept of Whole Person Education; and that this ethos, delivered in a caring and supportive environment, was clearly appreciated by students. The Report also set out recommendations which would further enhance the university’s quality assurance system and education quality.

The first-ever "Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme" for Hong Kong
The RGC announced the implementation of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme which aims to attract outstanding students in the world (including those from Hong Kong and the Mainland) to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong.

The Chairman, RGC and institutional representatives visited universities in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India to promote the Scheme.

Symposium on "Internationalisation of Higher Education in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges"
In line with the UGC’s advocacy of internationalisation, the Committee sponsored the Heads of Universities Committee to organise a symposium titled "Internationalisation of Higher Education in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges" in October 2009.

Publication of the Quality Audit Report on HKU
The Quality Audit Report on HKU was published in November 2009. The Report confirmed HKU’s commitment in enhancing teaching and learning, which was underpinned by the University’s central leadership in the planning of major educational initiatives and quality enhancement. The Audit Panel also congratulated HKU for responding positively to the educational challenges of the 21st century, including changes in the higher education landscape in Hong Kong.

HKIEd took a step further in its institutional development
A UGC Group visited HKIEd to review the research environment and meet its staff and students. Subsequently, UGC decided to allocate additional student places to HKIEd for both non-Education undergraduate programmes and for research postgraduate programmes.

Photo provided by the Legislative Council Secretariat.

Chairman briefed LegCo Panel on Education on the work of UGC
The UGC Chairman took the initiative to brief Legislators on the current activities of the UGC, with a view to enhancing the public’s understanding of the UGC’s work and communication with stakeholders.

UGC sponsored symposia on aspects of "3+3+4"

With the financial support of the UGC, the UGC-funded institutions have launched a series of 12 Symposia on various important issues relevant to the implementation of "3+3+4". These are designed in the form of information sharing and problem resolving fora, involving the school and other sectors. In 2009/10 seven symposia were held: in April, May, June, December, January and March.

5th Matching Grant Scheme
The Financial Secretary announced in his Budget Speech the setting aside of $1 billion for a 5th Matching Grant Scheme. With the funding approval by LegCo on 30 April 2010, the UGC, which successfully lobbied for this, will manage the Scheme.

Major overhaul and simplification of UGC Notes on Procedures
The UGC initiated a major overhaul of the UGC’s Notes on Procedures, which govern the interrelationship among the institutions, UGC and the Administration. The changes were approved by the Government and will reduce the regulatory burden on institutions and increase their flexibility to make change – while retaining appropriate public accountability.

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