The Year at a Glance
Foreword from the Chairman
Research Grants Council Activities: 2002
The Research Funding Environment in Hong Kong
The Research Grants Council and its Organisation
How Council-Funded Projects are Monitored and Assessed

Total funding for the Earmarked Research Grant 2002-2003, as the main form of funding for academic research in Hong Kong’s higher education sector, stood at HK$543.3 million.

In total, 1,698 research proposals were received seeking grants totalling HK$1,600.5 million under the annual Competitive Earmarked Research Grant exercise.

The RGC at its June 2002 meeting
Competitive Earmarked Research Grant approved by the RGC was HK$428 million supporting 691 projects, a success rate of about 41%. (In 2001-2002, funding was HK$402.9 million supporting 693 projects).
The average research grant per project was HK$619,392 (previous year: HK$581,385).

Dollar value of grants awarded in 2002-2003 represented an increase of 6.2% over 2001-2002.

Direct Allocation Funding, for institutions to fund research-related activities and support projects costing less than HK$200,000, amounted to HK$75.4 million.

HK$25 million allocated as Central Allocation, to support group research proposals promoting collaboration among academic institutions, and synergy between research teams.

Provisionally, HK$577.9 million made available for the Earmarked Research Grant 2003-2004. Another 1,878 project proposals were received seeking HK$1,815.7 million.

Members of the Council and subject panels visited Hong Kong Baptist University in June 2002 as part of a programme of visits to Hong Kong’s eight UGC-funded institutions.
RGC visit to Hong Kong Baptist University in June.

The Council started the Fulbright Hong Kong Scholar Programme in the 2002-2003 academic year to foster closer academic ties between the United States and Hong Kong. Four local scholars were supported with an overall budget of over HK$1.5 million to undertake research work in the United States.

Research expenditure in the 2001-2002 academic year from all sources amounted to HK$4,846.6 million, about 0.38% of Hong Kong’s Gross Domestic Product.

During 2001-2002, the total research output items added to 26,996 with about half belonging to refereed items.

A Research Postgraduate Conference funded by RGC. Reception before the RGC annual dinner in June 2002.

In the Council’s joint research scheme with the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 14 research proposals were shortlisted for funding. Total funds allocated by both sides amounted to about HK$15 million. The scheme aims to promote collaboration in research between researchers and research teams in Hong Kong and their counterparts in mainland China.