The Year at a Glance
Foreword from the Chairman
Research Grants Council Activities: 2002
The Research Funding Environment in Hong Kong
The Research Grants Council and its Organisation
How Council-Funded Projects are Monitored and Assessed

A Summary of Funding for New Research Grant Projects (PDF: 1 page)
B Summary of Funding for On-going Research Grant Projects (PDF: 1 page)
C Research Output by Broad Subject Area and by Institution (PDF: 1 page)
D Research Grants Council Membership 2002-2003 (PDF: 1 page)
E Panel Membership 2002-2003 (PDF: 5 pages)
F Co-operative Research Centres Sub-Committee Membership 2002-2003 (GIF: 1 Page)
G Brief History of the Co-operative Research Centres Scheme (PDF: 2 Pages)
H Background of the Research Grants Council Visiting Programme (PDF: 1 Page)
I Projects Supported by the Germany / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2002-2003 (PDF: 2 Page)
J Projects Supported by the France / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2002-2003 (PDF: 2 Pages)
K Projects Supported by the NSFC / RGC Joint Research Scheme 2002-2003 (PDF: 1 Page)
L Scholars Supported by the Fulbright Hong Kong Scholar Programme 2002-2003 (GIF: 1 Page)
M Criteria for the Consideration of Competitive Bids (GIF: 1 Page)
N Competitive Earmarked Research Grant Projects Supported by RGC in 2002-2003 (PDF: total 33 pages)
  Engineering | 1 | 2 | 3 |
  Physical Sciences | 5 | 6 |
  Biology & Medicine | 7 | 8 |
  Humanities, Social Sciences & Business Studies | 9 | 10 |
  Summary of Total Funds Awarded | 11 |
O The 2002-2003 Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (PDF: 2 Pages)
P Projects Supported by RGC Central Allocation 2002-2003 (GIF: 1 Page)
Q RGC Postgraduate Students Conference / Seminar Grants (GIF: 1 Page)
R Earmarked Research Grant Competitive Bidding Exercise Summary of Statistics from 1991-1992 to 2002-2003 (PDF: 1 Page)

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