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What are the capital projects for "3+3+4"?

The implementation of new normative four-year undergraduate programme resulted in a substantial increase in the overall undergraduate enrolment at the universities. With the Legislative Council's approval of $5.84 billion, the UGC-funded institutions carried out the following capital works projects to provide the additional teaching and learning facilities in support of the new academic structure :

  • "Academic and Administration Building " of CityU;
  • "Baptist University Road Campus Development, Phase 1" of HKBU
  • "New Academic Block and Student Hostel " of LU;
  • "An Integrated Teaching Building" of CUHK;
  • "Centralized General Research Lab Complex (Block 1) at Area 39" of CUHK;
  • "Extension to the existing University Library at Central Campus" of CUHK;
  • "Student Amenity Centre" of CUHK;
  • "Phase 8 Development" of PolyU;
  • "New Academic Building" of HKUST;
  • "Extension to the Existing Academic Building" of HKUST; and
  • "Centennial Campus Phase 1" of HKU.

With concerted effort, most of the above capital works projects were completed for occupation before September 2012 while works for the remaining projects were completed before mid 2013.