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Working Group on the Review of the Research Portion (WGRP)

Terms of Reference

WGRP is established:-

  1. to conduct a review on the funding mechanism of the Research Portion (R-portion) of the Block Grant so as to enhance the sustainability of the research base in Hong Kong; and underpin and promote world class research;

  2. to consider how dynamic the R-portion should be, having regard to the purposes of the R-portion; the research needs of the UGC-funded sector; the importance of promoting research excellence in Hong Kong; the consequences and behaviors that have been driven by the competitive allocation mechanism in the past; and the researches performances in relation to the Humanities and Social Sciences, etc;

  3. to devise an effective and fair mechanism to distribute the R-portion funding by considering the weighting and coverage of existing drivers of the calculation formula, i.e. the Research Grants Council’s Earmarked Research Grants and Research Assessment Exercise, the measured performance in mid-stream/translational research and consider whether other drivers, including non-UGC funding should be included; and

  4. to report progress and findings of the Review and make recommendations to the UGC and its sub-groups/ sub-committees.