Task Force on Review of Research Policy and Funding (TFRPF)
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Task Force on Review of Research Policy and Funding (TFRPF)

Terms of Reference

  1. To review the existing research support strategy and the level and allocation mechanism of research funding for the higher education sector, including but not limited to funding provided by the UGC and the Research Grants Council (RGC) (such as the Innovation and Technology Fund and the Health and Medical Research Fund), taking into account the progress and latest development of the Review of the Competitive Allocation Mechanism of the Research Portion being conducted by the UGC, with options but not limited to:

    1. ensure the quality and excellence of research undertaken by the sector;

    2. ensure that the world class research undertaken by the sector can meet the needs of and can translate into social and economic advantages for Hong Kong;

    3. allocate research funding in a more streamlined and transparent manner;

    4. provide incentives to the sector to engage and collaborate with industry and other end users; and

    5. encourage the sector to engage in research commercialization and knowledge transfer with industry and the community;

  2. To consult stakeholders during the review and appoint external consultants to assist in the review as appropriate;

  3. To consider any other issues in relation to the research regime in the higher education sector in Hong Kong as advised by the Government; and

  4. Having regard to the outcome of the review, to make recommendations to the Government through the UGC.