Sub-group on Planning Exercise (SGPE)
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Sub-group on Planning Exercise (SGPE)

Terms of Reference

SGPE for the 2019-22 triennium is established under the Task Force on Implementation of the Governance Report Recommendations (TFGov) to -

  • take forward the planning exercise in respect of the eight UGC-funded universities for the 2019-22 triennium, and make relevant recommendations to the UGC/TFGov pertaining to the academic planning for the triennium, in particular the allocation of student numbers; and

  • as a new planning exercise, to take into account the development of the University Accountability Agreement (UAA) under the Accountability Framework as recommended by the governance study, and the formulation of performance measures (PMs) and performance indicators (PIs) to be included in the UAA, which reflect the strategic plan, mission, vision and agreed role of the universities.