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Theme-based Research Scheme

(A) The Exercise

1. Number of applications received: 48
2. Number of full proposals received: 15
3. Number of full proposals selected for interview: 14
4. Number of proposals recommended for funding: 5
5. Success rate (over the number of applications): 10%

Total approved budget of the funded projects:
(inclusive of on-costs and Project Coordinator allowance)
$205.564 million

Total funding amount from the RGC:
(inclusive of on-costs and Project Coordinator allowance)
$180.000 million
(B) Selection Panel's Comments for Applicants' Reference

1. Quality of applications (i.e. strengths, weaknesses and gaps of proposals):
  • Overall, the proposals received were strong and addressed timely and important issues. Indeed, several top-notch projects were not funded due to lack of funds.
  • Resubmitted proposals showed improvements and demonstrated progress made since last submission.
2. Other comments:
  • Some projects still needed to better articulate research impact in their proposals.