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General Research Fund / Early Career Scheme

  1. The presentation of Principal Investigator (PI)'s track record in the application form can be simplified to facilitate panel members' understanding of the academic performance and research outputs of the PI. The PI's track record, including his / her awarded grants and on-going projects with title, brief objectives, funded amount, updated progress and the possible overlapping with the current application etc. can help panel members assess whether the PI has capacity to conduct and complete the proposed research.

  2. Applicants of GRF / ECS should make proper disclosure on any groundwork or similar publications / projects that have been done in the GRF / ECS application form.

  3. To facilitate panel members to measure the achievements of a funded project, it is suggested that an output dissemination plan be included in the application form. The plan should indicate the specific medium that the PI intends to use for dissemination.

  4. It is noted that the number of proposals has increased annually and there has been steady improvement in proposal quality over the past years. Some ECS proposals are of very high quality and are competitive with GRF proposals in terms of quality. Local universities are successful in recruiting quality new blood and preparing them to succeed. Panel members look forward to receiving more proposals with innovative and creative ideas and socio-economic impact.

  5. There is a suggestion that PIs of on-going funded projects should submit evidence of notable progress, e.g, publication status of journal paper under review, manuscript of book chapter, etc. to the RGC electronic system for reference by panel members.