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Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

  1. Quality of proposals varied across disciplines. Comparatively, the success rate of the Science Subjects (i.e. Biology & Medicine, Engineering and Physical Sciences) is higher in this exercise.

  2. Principle Investigators (PIs) who are more seasoned or have served previously in UGC-funded universities usually came up with stronger proposals. Younger scholars who do not have prior working experience in UGC-funded universities but bring on-board more seasoned colleagues as Co-investigators (Co-Is) usually have better written proposals. A good mix of skills of team members is advised.

  3. There are suggestions that proposals should be more innovative and attempt to generate knowledge beyond the current state-of-the-art; and have a wider scope to generate significant potential contributions to theory and / or practice.

  4. PIs are encouraged to provide more elaboration on the proposed research methodology in relation to theoretical framework in the proposals.