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Collaborative Research Fund

(A) The Exercise

1. Number of applications received: 224
2. Number of full proposals received: 87
3. Number of full proposals selected for interview: 45
4. Number of proposals recommended for funding: 20
5. Success rate (over the number of applications): 9%

Total approved amount of the funded projects:
(excluding on-costs)
$110 million
(B) Collaborative Research Fund Committee's Comments for Applicants' Reference

  • Overall, most of the proposals received were of high quality. With the increasing number of applications to the Collaborative Research Fund, the competition continued to be vigorous. Some very good proposals were not funded mainly due to insufficient funding.

  • Project teams are encouraged to take reference of the comments given by the reviewers for any refinement to their projects.

  • In respect of cross-disciplinary proposals, project teams are expected to elaborate on the cross-disciplinary nature and describe how it works.