RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme (PDFS) Opens for Nominations (2021/22 Exercise)


Objective and Coverage

The Government has reserved recurrent funding for the RGC's PDFS on a regular yearly basis to support young research talent in building up research and development (R&D) careers in Hong Kong.

Aiming at promising local and non-local postdoctoral researchers at UGC-funded universities at a pivotal time of their very early careers, PDFS will provide support to 50 awardees for 36 months of full-time appointment as Postdoctoral Fellow (PdF) at a UGC-funded university. Similar to the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, PDFS covers all academic disciplines which are grouped into two streams: (i) Science, Medicine, Engineering and Technology (S disciplines); and (ii) Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies (H disciplines).


Eligibility of Nominees for 2021/22 Exercise

The PDFS nominee must (i) obtain a legal right to work and reside in Hong Kong during the fellowship period; (ii) have obtained / been conferred a PhD degree or an equivalent qualification on or after 1 January 2017 (i.e. not more than three years before 2020), or will complete the requirement of a PhD degree or an equivalent qualification by 31 August 2021; and (iii) be supported by a UGC-funded university at which he / she wishes to hold the fellowship.


Quota and Fellowship

All eight UGC-funded universities are eligible to make nomination for the fellowship in support of full-time employment of PdF for research projects / activities. Each university may nominate up to 12 PdF candidates (PDFS nominees). Please specify in the nomination the research projects / activities to be assigned to the PDFS nominee during the fellowship period.

Each PDFS awardee will be eligible for a full-time appointment as PdF at the supporting university. For each PDFS awardee, his / her supporting university will receive an annual stipend which is to cover the awardee's basic salary as well as a conference and research-related travel allowance throughout the 36-month fellowship period. Universities are welcome to supplement the fellowship with other fringe benefits on par with ordinary employment of a PdF, on top of the stipend to attract outstanding candidates.


Nomination and Explanatory Notes

Nominations should be submitted via email to PDFS@ugc.edu.hk, with two sets of hard copies (including the original version) delivered to:

Assistant Secretary-General (Research) Special Duties 1
University Grants Committee Secretariat
7/F Shui On Centre
6 - 8 Harbour Road
Hong Kong

Supporting universities are advised to conduct internal assessment, preferably including interviews, of the nominees first. Nominations should reach the UGC Secretariat by 5:00 p.m. on 30 October 2020 (Friday). Late nomination will not be processed.

The updated operation guide, together with a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and explanatory notes for completing the nomination form, are available at https://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/funding_opport/pdfs.html for your reference. Nominees and supporting universities are advised to read the nomination details as set out in the operation guide and the explanatory notes carefully before completing the nomination forms.



For enquiries about the nomination procedures or other aspects of the PDFS, please feel free to contact the UGC Secretariat via email:PDFS@ugc.edu.hk.