Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)


  • To enhance academics' research capability in the local self-financing degree-awarding institutions and keep them abreast of new developments and challenging research topics in relevant fields.


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) / Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) – Full-time academic staff spending at least 80% of time in locally-accredited local degree or higher degree work in the local self-financing degree-awarding institutions with at least a one-year renewable contract with the institutions at the time of funding award being made.

  • Institutions are responsible for interpreting and confirming whether an applicant has fulfilled the eligibility requirements announced in the Call for Proposals.

  • Co-Investigators (Co-Is) – no eligibility requirements. The Co-Is can be any personnel working in the same or different local self-financing degree-awarding institutions, the UGC-funded universities, or other local / overseas institutions or organizations.

  • All eligible academic staff are encouraged to apply under this scheme.

    Operation Mode:

  • Application should be submitted by a PI from an institution or with Co-PIs jointly from collaborating institutions to organize workshops or short courses, etc. for a duration of several days to several weeks. The proposed activity should serve the purpose of enabling participants to conduct focused study and intensive scholarly exchange under the guidance of visiting scholars and experts. Participation must be open to other local self-financing degree-awarding institutions, and preferably to all institutions in Hong Kong.

  • The maximum project duration is one year.

  • Each applicant is allowed to submit one application under the IIDS in the capacity of PI in each exercise. There is no limit in the number of applications submitted in the capacity of Co-PI or Co-I.

  • Each application should be a single integrated proposal indicating clearly the division of work amongst the PI and Co-PIs or the participating institutions, with a single budget indicating clearly allocation of funding, among each of the participating institutions.

  • Expenditure items which support the conduct of workshops or short courses such as air passage and hotel accommodation for speakers, venue cost, etc. will be considered.

  • Change of PI will normally not be approved before the start of a project or within the first six months of an approved project.

  • If the PI accepts a non-academic appointment or any appointment outside the local self-financing degree sector, the sponsoring institution may nominate a suitable Co-PI or Co-I to become the new PI.

  • The above arrangements will be subject to the institutions to decide, but the change of PI and / or the transfer of funding from one institution to another requires the approval of the RGC.

    Expected Deliverables:

  • Workshops / Short courses / Scholarly exchange activities that can enhance academics' research capability.

    Funding Level:

  • Direct costs involved in organizing the workshops or short courses. Virement among items under direct costs without RGC's prior approval is not allowed.

  • On-costs of 15% of the approved costs.

  • There is no funding threshold or ceiling for the approved IIDS projects. The approved funding will be subject to the justification of the proposal.


  • Assessment criteria:
    - Intellectual merit, relevance to research / education programmes ongoing or under active development, size of interested participants, institutional support, etc.

  • Peer-review mechanism:
    - Proposals to be assessed by assessment panel and local / overseas external reviewers.

  • PIs are required to submit completion report for monitoring purposes.

  • Site visits will be conducted by the Monitoring and Assessment Panel to inspect the achievements made.