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Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Research Infrastructure Grant


  • To build up the research capacity of local self-financing degree-awarding institutions in their strategic areas.


  • Local self-financing degree-awarding institutions offering locally-accredited local degree programmes.

  • Project holder – Application should be submitted on an institutional basis by the Head of Institution (HoI).

  • Team leader – Full-time academic staff being engaged by the same local self-financing degree-awarding institution with at least a one-year renewable contract with the institution at the time of funding award being made; and spending at least 80% of time in locally-accredited local degree or higher degree work in the institution.

  • Institutions are responsible for interpreting and confirming whether an applicant has fulfilled the eligibility requirements announced in the Call for Proposals.

  • Team member – no eligibility requirements. The Team members can be any personnel working in the same or different local self-financing degree-awarding institutions, the UGC-funded universities, or other local / overseas institutions or organizations.

    Operation Mode:

  • Application should be submitted on an institutional basis to develop a programme of research that informs teaching. The proposed programme should fall in the strategic areas of the institution’s development plan. Elaborations should be made in the application on the research topics that the institution is going to pursue and how the proposed programme can assist the institution in developing capacity in those research areas.

  • The maximum project duration is three years.

  • Each HoI is allowed to submit one application under IDS Research Infrastructure Grant in the capacity of Project holder in each exercise. The project team should comprise the Project holder, Team leader and a reasonable number of Team members.

  • Funding will be provided to support the direct costs of a series of activities that support research, such as purchase of communal equipment and research materials, organization of seminars, workshops, and conferences, exchange programmes, etc.

  • For institutions which were granted funding for infrastructure support under the IDS in previous exercise(s), the Project holder needs to provide full justifications for further funding under the IDS Research Infrastructure Grant in the application. The Project holder is also required to demonstrate how the proposal can create synergy with previously funded project.

  • Change of Project holder / Team leader will normally not be approved before the start of a project or within the first six months of an approved project.

  • Change in the Project holder / Team leader requires the approval of the RGC.

    Expected Deliverables:

  • Physical research facilities and / or infrastructure, databases and computing equipment for research, and workshop, conference or exchange programmes that can develop a programme of research and enhance the research capacity of the institution.

    Funding Level1:

  • Direct costs involved in building up of research infrastructure and conducting a series of activities to support research.

  • Virement between the approved budget areas is not allowed.


  • Assessment criteria:
    - Merit-based, relevance to the strategic areas of institution, number of academic staff to benefit.

  • Self-financing institutions of UGC-funded universities are required to justify the needs for establishment of new infrastructure instead of paying for such services provided by their respective UGC-funded universities.

  • Selection interview will be conducted with the project team of each shortlisted application.

  • Project holder is required to submit progress and completion reports for monitoring purpose. Project holder should also report the condition / utilization of all major facilities / equipment supported by the IDS to ensure that those items are well managed and utilized during and beyond the project period.

  • Site visits will be conducted by the Monitoring and Assessment Panel to examine the delivery of all funded projects.

    1 The funding ceilings for each project funded under the IDS Research Infrastructure Grant are set with reference to the number of full-time academic staff and full-time students as follows:

    No. of Full-time Academic Staff Funding Ceiling ($m)
    ≤ 40
    3 (student no. ≤ 50)
    6 (student no. ≥ 51)
    41 - 130
    ≥ 131