Institutional Development Scheme (IDS)

Fifth Call for Proposals


  • To build up the research capacity of local self-financing degree-awarding institutions in their strategic areas.


  • Local self-financing degree-awarding institutions offering locally-accredited local degree programmes.

  • Applications will be submitted on an institutional basis by the Head of Institution.

    Operation Mode:

  • Applications will be submitted on an institutional basis to develop a programme of research that informs teaching. The proposed programme should fall in the strategic areas of the institution's development plan.

  • Each institution is allowed to submit one application per exercise of the Institutional Development Scheme.

  • Funding will be provided to support the direct costs of a series of activities that support research, such as purchase of communal equipment and research materials, organization of seminars, workshops, and conferences, exchange programmes, etc. over a maximum duration of three years.

    Expected Deliverables:

  • Physical research facilities and / or infrastructure supports built up, databases and computing equipment made available for research, reports on workshop, conference or exchange programmes held.

    Funding Level:1

  • Direct costs involved in conducting a series of research activities.
  • No virement will be allowed between the approved budget areas.

  • Assessment Criteria:

  • Merit-based assessment criteria will be developed.

  • Self-financing arms of UGC-funded universities are required to justify the needs for establishment of new infrastructure instead of paying for such services provided by their respective UGC-funded universities.

  • A Selection Interview will be conducted with the project team of each short-listed application.

  • The institution is required to submit progress and completion reports for monitoring purposes. Institutions should also report the condition / utilization of all major facilities / equipment previously supported by the IDS to ensure that those items are well managed and utilized during and beyond the project period.

  • Site visits will be conducted by the Monitoring and Assessment Panel to examine the delivery of all funded projects.

  • 1The funding ceilings for the IDS applications are set with reference to the number of full-time academic staff and full-time students as follows:

    No. of Full-time Academic Staff Funding Ceiling for IDS ($ m)
    ≤ 40 3 (student no. ≤ 50)
    6 (student no. ≥ 51)
    41 - 130 8
    ≥ 131 14