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NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2008/09 Supported Applications

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Applicant Mainland Applicant
Information Technology
Pipeline Integrity Monitoring by Synthesizing the Foremost Technologies of Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Impedance Method with the Innovative Flexural Transducer Arrays
Dr Tse Peter Wai-tat
Prof He Chu-fu
System-on-a-Chip Test Architecture Design and Optimization for Minimal Noise-Induced Test Yield Loss
Prof Xu Qiang Prof Li Xiaowei
Uncertain data processing over sensor networks
Prof Liu Yunhao
Prof Li Jianzhong
Distributed optimization of infrastructureless MIMO communication networks via game theory
Dr Daniel Perez Palomar Prof Fan Pingyin
Chinese Medicine
Epimedium-derived Flavonoids Reduce Risk of Steroid-associated Osteonecrosis: A Mechanistic Study from a Viewpoint of Chemistry Metabolism
Prof Qin Ling
Prof Yao Xinsheng
Life Science
The Molecular Mechanism of the Novel IGF-3 in Fish Sex Differentiation and Oocyte Development
Prof Cheng Christopher Hon-ki
Prof Wang Deshou
Effects of Hypoxic Preconditioning on the Expression of Iron Transport Proteins in the Brain
Prof Ke Ya Prof Fan Ming
Elucidation of the Role Played by Vibrio Virulence Factors on Cytoprotection and Apoptosis in Fish Cells
Prof Woo Norman Ying-shiu Prof Zhang Xiao-hua
Investigation of the role of JAK1 in muscle stem cells and muscle regeneration in vivo
Prof Wu Zhenguo
Prof Gao Xiang
N_HKU 715/08
The roles of CDK5 activator binding protein, LZAP, in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease Dr Ching Yick-pang Dr Li Ming-tao
N_HKU 719/08 Toward the treatment of breast cancer by targeting breast tumor initiating cells with microRNAs
Dr Huang Jiandong Prof Song Er-wei
N_HKU 720/08
Roles and regulation of MIP-T3 in centrosomal and ciliary function
Dr Jin Dong-Yan Prof Li Jun
N_HKU 722/08
Chemical synthesis and biological characterizations of antagonists of a novel calcium signaling enzyme - CD38 Prof Lee Hon-cheung Prof Zhang Le-he
N_HKU 735/08
Adipocyte fatty acid binding protein as a novel diagnostic marker and therapeutic target to combat vascular complications of diabetes: mechanisms and clinical implications Dr Xu Aimin Prof Zhou Zhi-guang
N_HKU 750/08
Investigate retinal neuromechanisms of seasonal affective disorder Prof So Kwok-fai Prof Pu Ming-liang
Marine & Environmental Science
Nanoquartz in late Permian C1 Coal and the High Incidence of Women Lung Cancer in the Pearl River Origin Area: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Prof Tian Linwei Prof Dai Shifeng
Comparison on Geographic Phenotype, DNA and Protein Expression Profiles between Toxic and Non-toxic Harmful Marine Algae Isolated from the South China Sea
Prof Lo Samuel Chun-lap Prof Gao Ya Hui
Management Science
Collaborative Regional Container Flow Management: Models and Systems Development
Prof Liu Liming
Dr Jiang Zhibin
New Material Science
N_CityU107/08 New Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials Constructed from Paramagnetic Ruthenium and Osmium Cyanide and Cyanamide Complexes
Prof Lau Tai-chu Prof Gao Song
Surface-dependent Transport Properties of Nanostructured Materials
Prof Lee Shuit-tong
Prof Zhu Jing
N_PolyU501/08 Novel Electro-active and Magneto-active Piezoelectric/Magnetostrictive Composites
Prof Chan Helen Lai-wa Prof Nan Ce-wen
Piezoelectric Control of Nanoscale Tunneling Junction in Multilayered Thin Films
Prof Woo Chung-ho Prof Wang Biao
Biomedical materials with immobilized biomolecules and surface micropatterning
Prof Leng Yang Prof Huang Nan
N_HKU 752/08
Self-assembled metal coordination polymers and supramolecular systems containing p-conjugated organic ligands
Prof Che Chi-ming Prof Li Yu-liang