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NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2005/06 Supported Applications

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Applicant Mainland Applicant
Information Technology
N_HKBU204/05 Generation, and amplification, and Enhancement of Entanglement in Quantum Communication Systems Prof Shiyao Zhu Prof Kun-Chi Peng
N_HKUST602/05 Machine learning and information fusion approach to face recognition Dr Long Quan Prof Stan Z. Li
Life Science
N_HKUST616/05 Research on novel regulators of the Bc1-2 family proteins in apoptosis Prof Donald C Chang Prof Zhijie Chang
N_HKU720/05 Genetic and environmental risk factors of atherosclerotic cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease in Hong Kong and Guangzhou Chinese Dr Graham Neil Thomas Dr Chaoqiang Jiang
N_HKU722/05 Hypoxia-mediated differentiation of murine and human embryonic stem cells into cardiomyocytes: mechanistic roles of calcium and ion channels Dr Hung Fat Tse Dr Huang-Tian Yang
N_HKU727/05 The use of adiponectin as a biomarker to identify novel anti-diabetic and anti-atherogenic agents from Chinese herbs Dr Aimin Xu Prof Guowei Qin
Marine & Environmental Science
N_CityU110/05 The Study of Polar Metabolites of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs): Development of Advanced Analytical Techniques for Their Determination in Human Blood Plasma and Evaluation of Their in Vitro Endocrine Disrupting Toxicity Dr Michael Hon-wah Lam Prof Hongxia Yu
N_PolyU535/05 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Trace Metals along the South China Coastline: Implications for the Outflow and Coastal Deposition of Continental Air Pollution Dr Xiangdong Li Dr Gan Zhang
N_HKUST631/05 Development of a fine mesh air quality forecasting system for megacities around the Pearl River Delta Prof Alexis K H Lau Prof Jishan Xue
Management Science
N_CUHK442/05 Pricing, Production and Delivery Decisions, and Cooperative Strategies in a Supply Chain with Products of Time-Varying Values Prof Xiaoqiang Cai Dr Jian Chen
N_CUHK445/05 Study of Optimal Portfolio Selection Policies Prof Duan Li Prof Zhongfei Li
New Material Science
N_CityU125/05 Electroluminescence and Electrically-pumped Lasing of ZnO and ZnS Nanowires and Nanoribbons Prof Shuit-tong Lee Prof Dongmin Chen
N_HKUST611/05 A novel approach in spintronics using organic semiconductors and ferromagnetic half-metallic oxide hybrid structures Prof Jiannong Wang Prof Guangcheng Xiong
N_HKUST620/05 Preparation of catalytic architecture composed of titanium silicate and carbon nanofiber Prof Xijun Hu Prof Wei-kang Yuan
N_HKU764/05 Theoretical investigation of carbon-nanotube-based nanoelectromechanical systems Dr Guanhua Chen Prof Quanshui Zheng