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NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2004/2005 Supported Applications

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Applicant Mainland Applicant
Chinese Medicine
N_PolyU536/04 Modern Approach to Study the Osteoprotective Effects of Herba Epimedii (Yinyanghuo) and Rhizoma Drynariae(Gusuibu) Dr Man Sau Wong Prof Xin Sheng Yao
Information Technology
N_CUHK417/04 Bimodal Modeling for Expressive Text-to-Visual-Speech Synthesis in Putonghua and Cantonese Prof Helen Meng Prof Lianhong Cai
N_HKUST616/04 Development of deep submicron gallium nitride heterostructure field-effect transistors for high-power low-noise RF/microwave applications Prof Kevin J Chen Dr Jian Liu
Life Sciences
N_CUHK446/04 Aqueous-aqueous Emulsion for Microencapsulation of Delicate Proteins for Sustained Release Prof Hee Lum Chow Prof Tuo Jin
N_HKUST621/04 An investigation of PICK1's role in ASIC function using the knockout mice strategy Dr Jun Xia Dr Jianguo Chen
N_HKUST623/04 Development of anti HIV-1 drugs based on inhibiting gp120 binding to CD4 Prof Yundong Wu Prof Hong-kui Deng
N_HKUST628/04 Study of human CT antigen HCA-661:its relationship to malignant tumors and its application in tumor immunotherapy Prof Yong Xie Prof Weifeng Chen
N_HKU721/04 Development and clinical evaluation of peptide vaccines for immunotherapy of Epstein-Barr virus-positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma Dr Chen-Lung Lin Prof Xiaoning Wang
N_HKU722/04 Functional interactions of dendritic cells and B cells in autoimmunity Dr Liwei Lu Dr Xuetao Cao
N_HKU728/04 Functional study of EBV infection and genetic alterations in immortalized epithelial cells Prof George Sai Wah Tsao Prof Y. Cao
Marine & Environment Science
N_PolyU506/04 Studies on Environmentally Benign Asymmetric Catalytic Reactions Prof Albert Sun Chi Chan Prof Qing Hua Fan
N_HKUST630/04 Research on aerosol pollution and visibility reduction in Hong Kong and pearl river delta Prof Jimmy C H Fung Prof Dui Wu
N_HKU737/04 Sludge granulation in biological wastewater treatment: technology, mechanism and characterization Dr Xiao-yan Li Prof Hanqing Yu
Management Science
N_HKUST625/04 The theory, methods and key technology of production organization and management for mass customization Prof Mitchell M Tseng Prof Liya Wang
New Material Science
N_HKUST604/04 Novel functional materials based on fullerene and metallofullerene derivatives: synthesis, characterization and applications Prof Shihe Yang Prof Yuliang Li
N_HKUST605/04 Investigating for the mechanism and application of the giant electrorheological effect Prof Weijia Wen Prof Zhenyou Liu
N_HKU742/04 Functionalized phosphorescent metal-organic materials for Biomedical, Photocatalytic and Organic Optoelectronic Applications Prof Chi Ming Che Prof Wenfu Fu