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NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme 2002-2003 Supported Applications

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Applicant Mainland Applicant
Life Sciences
N_HKBU202/02 Roles of Tachykinins and Tachykinin Receptors in Pathogenesis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Dr Kin Lam, Ken Yung Prof Liang-Wei Chen
N_HKU705/02 Understanding the molecular basis of skeletal (digit) patterning defects in Brachydactylyl type A-1 Dr Danny Chan Prof Lin He
N_HKU708/02 Mechanism of Nogo-A inhibition of axonal regeneration Dr Stephen Sum Man Chung Prof Gong Ju
N_HKU711/02 Mechanistic role of protein S-nitrosylation pathway in cellular responses to oxygen signalling Dr Man Lung Fung Prof Tian-Ming Gao
N_HKU712/02 DNA recombineering mediated by single stranded oligonucleotides Dr Jiandong Huang Prof Depei Liu
N_HKU717/02 Functional characterization of novel genes in liver cancer Dr Irene Oi Lin Ng Prof Da-fang Wan
N_HKU720/02 The molecular basis of biological functions of the neuronal growth inhibitory factor (metallothionein-3) Dr Hongzhe Sun Prof Zhong-Xian Huang
Information Technology
N_CUHK405/02 Optimization Algorithm Based on the Less Flexibility First Principle and Its Applications Prof Yu Liang Wu Prof Sheqin Dong
N_HKUST605/02 Resource management in multi-services wireless cellular networks Dr Bo Li Prof Lemin Li
N_HKUST617/02 Performance enhancement of the quasi-synchronous CDMA approach via advanced sequence design, coding and detection methods Prof Wai Ho Mow Prof Pingzhi Fan
N_HKUST618/02 Web content delivery in mobile and wire-line environments Prof Samuel Chanson Prof Chuang Lin
Management Science
N_CityU103/02 Competitive Bidding and Auctions: A MADM Framework and Its Applications to Bidding and Auction Practice in Hong Kong and Mainland China Prof K K Lai Prof Shouyang Wang
Marine & Environment Science
N_HKUST609/02 Study for the spiral eddy front, circulation and water exchange of the northern shelf and coastal waters of the South China Sea Dr Lai Ah Wong Prof Jing Zhang
New Material Science
N_HKUST610/02 Laser microfabrication of polymeric three-dimensional photonic crystals and micro-optic devices Prof Kam Sing Wong Prof Xiao-Qiang Yu