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Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2019/20

Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator / University German Principal Investigator / Institution Funding Period
Amount Awarded by RGC
(1st Year)
Amount Awarded by RGC
(2nd Year)
G-CityU104/19 Microassembly of Nano-robotic Cantilevers with Superlens of Various Morphologies for Scanning Superlens Applications Prof Li Wen Jung / CityU Dr Fatikow Ing. habil. Sergej / University of Oldenburg 2 44,700 44,700
G-HKBU202/19 Tracking regional food authenticity using a novel classification approach based on multiple stable isotopes and mixture models Dr Chun Kwok Pan / HKBU Dr Orlowski Natalie / University of Freiburg 2 42,900 42,900
G-CUHK405/19 Structure-function Studies of the Chloroplast Chaperones in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii by Cryo-EM Dr Lau Wilson Chun-yu / CUHK Dr Schroda Michael / University of Kaiserslautern 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK406/19 Educational Physical (Humanoid) /Virtual Robots across Cultures: Development of Robot Applications for Use in Digital Teaching Scenarios Prof Lam Paul Lai-chuen / CUHK Prof Dr Handke Jurgen / The Philipps University of Marburg 2 28,600 28,600
G-CUHK407/19 Characterization of Extracellular Matrix (ECM)-based Biomaterials with Tailored Bioactivities by Raman Microscopy Prof Blocki Anna Maria / CUHK Dr Brauchle Eva Maria / University of Tuebingen 2 28,700 28,700
G-CUHK408/19 Investigating Earthquakes Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas Field in Southern Sichuan, China Prof Yang Hongfeng / CUHK Prof Harrington Rebecca M. / Ruhr University Bochum 1 45,000 -
G-CUHK409/19 Optimally Controlled Quantum Sensing with NV Center Prof Yuan Haidong / CUHK Prof Koch Christiane / University of Kassel 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK410/19 Tip-Vesicles in Germinating Pollen Tube Prof Jiang Liwen / CUHK Dr Erdmann Philipp Sebastian / Max Planck 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK411/19 Identification of New Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms Using Deep Learning Prof Ip Margaret / CUHK Prof Dr Heider Dominik / University of Marburg 2 42,900 42,900
G-PolyU501/19 Theta Burst Stimulation for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder Dr Kranz Georg / PolyU Prof Padberg Frank / University of Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich 1 16,100 -
G-PolyU504/19 Thin Tasklets: Integration of a Distributed Computing Environment in the Internet of Things Prof Cao Jiannong / PolyU Prof Becker Christian / University of Mannheim 2 42,900 42,900
G-HKUST601/19 Comparing Hidden Propaganda Campaigns Worldwide: The Manipulation of Political Twitter Discussions in Bangladesh, Germany, Iran, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and Venezuela Prof Keller Franziska / HKUST Dr Stier Sebastian / Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences 2 30,000 30,000
G-HKUST603/19 Epigenetic dysregulation of human endogenous retroviruses in chronic inflammatory diseases Prof Leung Danny Chi Yeu / HKUST Prof Rosenstiel Philip / University of Kiel 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKUST604/19 Porous Conjugated Polymer-bridged Graphene Hybrid Nanostructures for Catalytic Applications Prof Luo Zhengtang / HKUST Dr Zhang Kai / Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKU703/19 Towards more sustainable urban mobility: smart bike sharing systems through data-driven optimization Dr Kuo Yong-hong / HKU Prof Dr Minner Stefan / Technische Universität München 2 45,000 45,000
G-HKU706/19 Digital citizenship education: Understanding teachers’ perspectives and practices Dr Reichert Frank / HKU Prof Lange Dirk / Leibniz University of Hanover 2 44,800 28,700