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Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2016/17

Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator / Institution German Principal Investigator / Institution Funding Period
Amount awarded by RGC
(1st Year)
Amount awarded by RGC
(2nd Year)
G-CityU103/16 Enhancing Emission of Emerging Blue Luminophores with Aluminum Plasmonics Prof Andrey ROGACH / CityU Dr Alexander URBAN / University of Munich 2 44,800 44,800
G-CityU104/16 Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Urban Nitrogen Dioxide Dr Yun Fat LAM / CityU Prof Mark WENIG / Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich 2 43,000 44,800
G-CUHK405/16 Space-time Multiscale Methods for the Wave Equation in Heterogeneous Media Prof Eric Tsz-shun CHUNG / CUHK Prof Daniel PETERSEIM / University of Bonn 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK408/16 Understanding the Spatial Planning of Public EV Charging Facilities: A Supply-side Analysis in Hong Kong and Berlin Prof Ying Sylvia HE / CUHK Prof Sven MUELLER / Karlsruhe University of Applied Science 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK410/16 MyoCDPR: Open-Source Modular Cable Actuation Units for the Rapid Prototyping of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Prof Darwin Tat-ming LAU / CUHK Prof Alois KNOLL / Technical University of Munich 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK411/16 Towards Urban Planning Strategies to Improve the Thermal Environment in High Density Cities Based on Better Understanding and Extraction of the Urban Morphology in the WUDAPT Framework Prof Chao REN / CUHK Dr Benjamin BECHTEL / University of Hamburg 2 44,700 44,700
G-HKBU203/16 Comparative Strategic Communication Research Dr Regina Yi-ru CHEN/ HKBU Prof Ansgar ZERFASS / University of Leipzig 2 44,600 32,200
G-HKBU205/16 The Evolution of Creative Industry Clusters: a Comparison of Cases in Germany and China Dr Chun YANG / HKBU Prof Robert HASSINK / Kiel University 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKUST603/16 Developing Redox Responsive Protein Materials for Controlled Release of Therapeutics Dr Fei SUN / HKUST Dr Seraphine Valeska WEGNER / Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research 2 44,700 44,700
G-HKUST604/16 Analysis and Implementation of Device-to-Device Ecosystems from a Trust and Reputation Perspective Prof Pan HUI / HKUST Prof Jörg OTT / Technical University of Munich 2 42,900 42,900
G-PolyU502/16 Stability and Convergence of High Order Time Discretization Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations Studied Via Discrete Maximal Parabolic Regularity Dr Buyang LI / PolyU Prof Christian LUBICH / Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen 2 18,800 29,500
G-PolyU503/16 Testing Control Cyber-Physical Systems Software: A Symbolic Execution Approach that Exploits Physical Subsystem Features Dr Qixin WANG / PolyU Prof Neeraj SURI / TU Darmstadt 2 44,800 44,800