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Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2015/16

Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator / Institution German Principal Investigator / Institution Funding Period
Amount awarded by RGC
(1st Year)
Amount awarded by RGC
(2nd Year)
G-CityU101/15 Probing the transport of photoexcited charge carriers in metal-organic perovskites with terahertz radiation Dr DAOUD Walid / CityU Prof KERSTING Roland / Ludwig Maximilians University Munich 1 41,200 N/A
G-CityU102/15 Numerical Narratives. Personal and Algorithmic Narratives in Social Networks Dr SIMANOWSKI Roberto / CityU Dr MARTINEZ Matias / University of Wuppertal 2 14,300 14,300
G-CUHK401/15 Effect of Low-Magnitude High-Frequency Vibration on Osteoporotic Metaphyseal Fracture Healing - Rat Model Prof CHEUNG Wing-hoi / CUHK Prof ALT Volker / Justus-Liebig-University 1 28,600 N/A
G-CUHK402/15 Functional characterization endosomal sorting complexes Prof JIANG Liwen / CUHK Dr PIMPL Peter / University of Tübingen 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK403/15 Synergistic Investigations of Surface Deformation in Permafrost Areas Using Field and Remote Sensing Observations Prof LIU Lin / CUHK Dr GROSSE Guido / Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research 2 44,800 44,800
G-CUHK405/15 Did Rapid Modernization Destroy Trust in Chinese Society? A Multi-Level Analysis of Trust in In-Groups and Out-Groups Dr STEINHARDT H. Christoph / CUHK Dr DELHEY Jan / University of Magdeburg 2 30,000 17,600
G-CUHK407/15 The National Strategies in China and Germany to Utilize Solar Energy and Develop Photovoltaic Industries Prof XU Yuan / CUHK Prof MÖST Dominik / Technische Universität Dresden 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKBU202/15 The Contributions of Urban Parks to Physical Activity among the Older Adults: A Comparative Study between Hong Kong and Germany Dr DUAN Yanping / HKBU Prof WAGNER Petra / University of Leipzig 2 20,600 29,988
G-HKU701/15 Transient Stability Enhancement of Renewable Grid
Dr LEE Chi-kwan / HKU Prof WAFFENSCHMIDT Eberhard / Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKU704/15 Opportunities and challenges of utilizing automated and robotic technology for sustainable building construction: scenarios, stakeholders and technology transfer (ST2) via Germany-Hong Kong collaboration Dr PAN Wei / HKU Prof BOCK Thomas / Technical University of Munich 2 44,800 44,800
G-HKU706/15 Hf-in-zircon isotopic heterogeneity in igneous rocks: real or analytical artifact? Prof SUN Min / HKU Prof KRONER Alfred / University of Mainz 2 30,000 30,000
G-HKUST602/15 Nonlinear Elastomechanics of Biological Cell Membranes on Micro/Nano Electroporation Chips using Atomic Force Microscopy Prof LEE Yi-kuen / HKUST Prof FATIKOW Sergej / University of Oldenburg 2 44,800 44,800
G-PolyU503/15 Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Ultra-thin P(VDF-TrFE) Film and their Application in a Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor Dr CHAI Yang / PolyU Prof PLOSS Bernd / University of Applied Sciences Jena 2 18,800 18,800
G-PolyU504/15 Cu(I) and Ag (I) Complexes as Highly Efficient TADF-emitter Materials for OLEDs and as Photosensitizers for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Dr CHAN Lai-fung / PolyU Prof YERSIN Hartmut / Universität Regensburg 2 44,700 44,700
G-PolyU506/15 Sustainable Treatment of Asphalt Pavement Surface with TiO2-Containing Materials for Cleaner Air and Alleviated Urban Heat Island Effect Dr LENG Zhen / PolyU Prof OESER Markus / University of RWTH AAchen 2 44,800 44,800