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Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2009/2010


Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German Parnter / Institution Funding Period (year) 1st Year Amount
by RGC (HK$)
2nd Year Amount
by RGC (HK$)
G_HK004/09 Interaction between red blood cell-derived fatty acid monoepoxides and nitric oxide in the control of arterial tone in mice Prof Yu Huang / CUHK Prof Maik Gollasch / Charite University Medicine
2 17,100 17,100
To study the relationship between ischaemic preconditioning and adenosine triphosphate-sensitive potassium (KATP) channels on cultured cardiac myocytes using the microelectrode array (MEA)
Prof John Anthony Rudd / CUHK Prof Sven Ingebrandt / University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern 2 28,700 28,700
G_HK014/09 Robust face detection using multiple cues
Prof Bertram E Shi / HKUST
Prof Rainer Stiefelhagen / University of Karlsruhe
2 29,600 29,600
G_HK015/09 Molecular analysis of PRiMA-linked G4AChE in lipid rafts: participation in the formation of filopodia-like processes induced by the transmembrane form of agrin
Dr Chi Yan Choi / HKUST Prof Stephan Kroger / University of Munich 2 29,988 29,988
G_HK019/09 Highly-strained Thin Solid Films for Rolled-up Nanotechnology
Prof Paul Kim-ho Chu / CityU Dr Yongfeng Mei / Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden
1 30,000 0
G_HK023/09 Analysis of the Characteristics Blocking Events over Siberia for Present and Future Climate Conditions and Its Implications for the Regional Climate over Southeast Asia Dr Wen Zhou / CityU Prof Yaping Shao / University of Cologne
2 29,600 29,600
G_HK024/09 The Genome Wide Epigenetic study of Early-onset Colorectal Cancer Patients with CpG Island Methylator Phenotype (CIMP)
Dr Tsun Leung Chan / HKU Dr Odilia Popanda / Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
2 29,600 29,600
G_HK027/09 An international study of psychosocial needs and psychological distress among women with breast cancer - cross-cultural comparison
Dr Wendy Wing Tak Lam / HKU Dr Anja Mehnert / University of Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf 1 28,600 0
G_HK029/09 Oxidative stress, neuronal dysfunction and neovascularization in retinopathy of prematurity
Dr Amy Cheuk Yin Lo / HKU Prof Antonia M. Joussen / Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf
2 30,000 30,000
G_HK030/09 Advanced Similarity Search in Uncertain Databases
Dr Nikolaos Mamoulis / HKU Dr Matthias Renz / Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich 2 29,600 29,600
G_HK031/09 Zircon age and Hf isotopic characteristics for the Palaeozoic granitoids in the Chinese and Mongolian Altai: addition of juvenile materials into the lithosphere and tectonic significance
Prof Min Sun / HKU Prof Alfred Kroner / University of Mainz 2 29,800 29,800
G_HK035/09 Core-shell Particles Containing Hairy Polyelectrolyte Shells Immobilized with Metallic Nanoparticles as Nanoreactor for Catalysis
Dr Pei Li / PolyU Prof Matthias Ballauff / University of Bayreuth 2 29,600 29,600
G_HK036/09 Stochastic Differential Games and Partial Differential Systems in Financial Markets
Prof A Bensoussan / PolyU Prof J Frehse / University of Bonn 2 28,700 28,700