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Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - 2005/2006 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German Parnter / Institution Funding Period (year)
G_HK001/05 Aerosol Characterization Using Lidar, Sun- and Skyradiometer in Urban Cities Dr Andrew Yuk-sun Cheng / CityU Dr Matthias Wiegner / University of M√ľnchen 2
G_HK003/05 Active Visual Observation of 3D Objects for Automatic Acquisition of Manipulation Skills Dr You-fu Li / CityU Prof Dr Jianwei Zhang / University of Hamburg 2
G_HK004/05 Integrated Communication and Knowledge Management Based on Wikis and XML Technology Dr Jorgen C Wagner / CityU Prof Dr Stefan Bottcher / University of Paderborn 2
G_HK005/05 Ion Beam Nanostructuring of Carbon-based Materials Dr Wenjun Zhang / CityU Prof Hans C Hofsas / University of Gottingen 2
G_HK007/05 Effect of Residual Antibiotics on Soil Microbial Activity and Plant Growth Prof. Ming Hung Wong / HKBU Dr. Ayfer Yediler /GSF-Forschungszentrum f. Umwelt und Gesundheit 2
G_HK011/05 Role of Adipose-Derived Vasoactive Products in Vascular Dysfunction Prof Yu Huang / CUHK Prof Maik Gollasch / Charite University Medicine Berlin 2
G_HK013/05 Doping of One Dimensional Nanostructures and Their Luminescence Property Study Prof Quan Li / CUHK Dr Carsten Ronning / University of Gottingen 2
G_HK014/05 Functional Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging of Brain Activity During Preattentive Detection of Bound Stimulus Features Dr Trevor Penney / CUHK Dr Bertram Opitz / Saarland University 1
G_HK018/05 Kinetic Modeling of Duct Aeroacoustics for Flow System Design Dr Randolph Chi-kin Leung / PolyU Dr Kamen Beronov / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 2
G_HK019/05 Low-power and high-throughput reconfigurable arithmetic operations for field programmable gate array (FPGA) Prof Amine Bermak / HKUST Prof Hans-Joerg Pfleiderer / University of Ulm 2
G_HK020/05 Process design for selective polymorph production Prof Ka Ming Ng / HKUST Prof Wolfgang Marquardt / RWTH Aachen University 2
G_HK021/05 Subjective and objective evaluation of video quality for developing video compression and transcoding techniques Prof Oscar C L Au / HKUST Prof Klaus Diepold / Munich University of Technology 2
G_HK022/05 First principles studies of the lattice dynamics and electron-phonon interaction of ultra-small radius nanotubes and their derivates Prof Che Ting Chan / HKUST Dr Klaus-Peter Bohnen / Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe 2
G_HK023/05 Role of the transmembrane form of the heparansulfate proteoglycan agrin in axonal growth and regeneration Prof Karl W K Tsim / HKUST Dr Stephan Kroger / University of Mainz 2

Release of 2nd Year Funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German Partner / Institution
G_HK005/04 Implementation of a Chaotic Stream Encryption Scheme on a Chip Prof Guanrong Chen / CityU Prof Wolfgang A Halang / University of Hagen
G_HK008/04 Approximations and Heuristics for the Computation of Optimal Permutations in Graph Drawing and Rank Aggregations Prof Xiaotie Deng / CityU Prof Franz Brandenburg / University of Passau
G_HK009/04 Optimization of Thermo-mechanical Working Towards Processing of a New Magnesium Alloy Dr Kamineni P Rao / CityU Dr Ing Norbert Hort / GKSS Research Centre
G_HK011/04 Mass Spectrometry Applied for Analyzing A Common Disinfectant Triclosan and Its Photochemical Degradation Products in Water Dr. Zongwei Cai / HKBU Prof. Antonius Kettrup / Technical University of Munich
G_HK017/04 Ion Beam synthesis and Modification of Metal Nanoclusters in Dielectric Substrates Prof Sai Peng Wong / CUHK Dr Jorg K N LINDNER / University of Augsburg
G_HK029/04 Efficient linear scaling methods for optical properties of nanoscale material systems Dr. Guanhua Chen / HKU Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim / University of Paderborn
G_HK031/04 Interaction between natural ventilation and wind flow around a multi-storey building Dr. Yuguo Li / HKU Dr. Markus Roesler / Dresden University of Technology
G_HK032/04 Load settlement behaviour of piles in sandy soils Dr. Jun Yang / HKU Prof. Stavros A. Savidis / University of Berlin
G_HK033/04 Photoluminescent properties and applications of luminescent d8 and d10 metal complexes with metal-metal interactions Prof. Chi-ming Che / HKU Prof. Dr. Hartmut Yersin / Universitat Regensburg
G_HK034/04 The biology of digit formation and its pathology in brachydactyly Dr. Danny Chan / HKU Prof. Stefan Mundlos / University Medicine Berlin