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PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2013/14

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution Funding Period (year) Amount
by RGC (HK$)
1st Year 2nd Year
F-CityU104/13 Tunable spintronic nano-oscillators for secure communications
Dr Antonio Ruotolo / CityU Dr Joo-Von Kim / University of Paris Sud 2 45,000 43,200
F-CityU105/13 Electrocatalytic water oxidation by earth abundant transition metal complexes
Prof Tai Chu Lau / CityU Prof Marc Robert / University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7) 2 16,200 27,000
F-CityU110/13 Photochromic iridium(III) complexes: synthesis, photophysics, cation-binding, and bioimaging studies
Prof Kenneth Kam Wing Lo / CityU Dr Veronique Guerchais / UMR CNRS-Universite de Rennes 2 45,000 45,000
F-HKBU201/13 Responsive Luminescent Materials for Time-Resolved Biological Imaging
Prof Rick Wai-kwok Wong / HKBU Prof Loïc Charbonnière / CNRS UMR 7178 2 30,600 45,000
F-HKBU202/13 Sensitive and Automated Elemental Mapping of Biological Tissues at mm Resolution by Laser Induced Plume Spectroscopy

Prof Nai-ho Cheung / HKBU Prof Jin Yu / University of Lyon 1 2 30,600 22,500
F-CUHK406/13 Failure Mode, Strain Localization and Permeability Evolution in Volcanic Rock
Prof Teng-fong Wong / CUHK Prof Patrick Baud / University of Strasbourg 2 - 22,500
F-CUHK407/13 Carborane Functionalized p-Conjugated Molecules for Biosensing Materials
Prof Zuowei Xie / CUHK Dr Jean-Luc Fillaut / CNRS, UMR 6226, Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes Universite de Rennes 1 2 45,000 45,000
F-CUHK408/13 Design, Manufacturing and Swimming Characterization of Scaled-up Prototypes of Helical Microrobots
Dr Li Zhang / CUHK Dr Antoine Ferreira / Laboratoire PRISME, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Bourges 2 45,000 45,000
F-CUHK409/13 Colloidal Lead Chalcogenide Nanorods for Short-Wavelength Infrared Photodetection
Prof Ni Zhao / CUHK Dr Zhuoying Chen / Laboratoire de Physique et d'Etude des Matériaux (LPEM), UMR 8213, ESPCI/CNRS / Université Pierre et Marie Curie 2 - 16,200
F-HKU704/13 A Generic Mechanism for Pattern Formation: From Theoretical Physics To Synthetic Biology
Dr Jian-Dong Huang / HKU Dr Julien Tailleur / Universite Paris Diderot 2 45,000 45,000
F-HKU708/13 Tectonothermal history of the high-grade metamorphic rocks in the southern Altai Range, central Asia
Prof Min Sun / HKU Prof Karel Schulmann / University of Strasbourg 2 44,850 44,850
F-HKU710/13 Random matrices and their applications
Dr Jianfeng Yao / HKU Prof Jamal Najim / CNRS No. 8049 University of Marne-la-Vallée 1 142,200 -