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PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2008/2009 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution Funding Period (year)
Total Variation Based Basis Pursuit Model for Image Restoration

Prof Michael Kwok-po Ng / HKBU
Prof Alain Trouve / CNRS No.
The Weighted Thermodynamic Formalism and Multifractal Analysis on Self-Affine Carpets
Prof De-jun Feng / CUHK
Prof Julien Barral / Institut National de Recherche en Informatique Automatique
Matching Digital Terrain Models Using Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques
Dr Eric Guilbert / PolyU
Dr Eric Saux / Ecole Navale
Control and Impact of Residual Stresses on the Mechanical Behaviour of Bulk Metallic Glasses

Prof Jian Lu / PolyU
Dr Jean-Jacques Blandin / CNRS
Integrated wireless capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer for bio-medical applications

Prof Jie Yuan / HKUST
Dr Libor Rufer / CNRS No. 5159
Towards a THz laser based on cyclotron emission
Dr Jiannong Wang / HKUST
Dr Angela Vasanelli / University of Paris Diderot
F-HK27/08T A metallomic approach to analyze bismuth- and nickel-binding proteins in cells Dr Hongzhe Sun / HKU Prof Ryszard Lobinski / CNRS No. 2

Synthesis and catalytic applications in alkynes activation of novel polymeric materials based on ferrocenyl polyphosphines

Dr Patrick Toy / HKU

Dr Jean-Cyrille Hierso / CNRS No. 5260 / University of Bourgogne


Release of 2nd year funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution
Lanthanide-based Phosphors for Mercury-free Lighting and Bio-labeling
Prof Peter A Tanner / CityU
Prof Jeannette Dexpert Ghys / INRIA
Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Water-Soluble Two-Photon Absorption Fluorophores for Bio-imaging and Sensing
Dr Ricky Man-shing Wong / HKBU
Prof Jean-Francois Nicoud / CNRS No. 7504
Bi-level Optimisation for Network Planning under Uncertainty
Prof Janny May-yee Leung /CUHK
Prof Abdel Lisser / University of Paris Sud
Mesoporous MCM-41 membrane for separation and recovery of dissolved precious metals
Prof King Lun Yeung / HKUST
Dr Sylvain Miachon / CNRS UMR 5256
Giant electrorheological fluid based-digital microfluidics
Prof Yi-Kuen Lee / HKUST
Prof Patrick Tabeling / CNRS No. 7083
Self-organization of nanoparticles and nanowires generated by confinement within surfactant bilayer films
Prof Shihe Yang / HKUST
Prof Jean- Jacques Benattar / CEA
Nanobioscience of cellulosic thecal plates in dinoflagellate alga
Prof Joseph T Y Wong / HKUST
Dr Jean-Luc Putaux / CNRS 5301
Effects of increasing CO2 concentration and seawater temperature on the biodiversity, interaction, functioning and productivity of pelagic food webs in subtropical coastal waters
Prof Hongbin Liu / HKUST
Prof Behzad Mostajir / CNRS No. 5119

Mechanistic studies on 2-Succinyl-5-Enolpyruvyl-6-Hydroxy-3-Cyclohexene-1-Carboxylate (SEPHCHC) synthase using 2-Oxoglutarate Angalogues
Prof Zhihong Guo / HKUST
Prof Ling Peng / CNRS No. UMR 6114
Development of anionic cascade reactions and other novel reactions of conjugated, acetylenic and allenic esters and thioesters. Toward the synthesis of biologically active compounds

Dr Pauline Chiu / HKU
Prof Michel Miesch / CNRS / ULP Strasbourg

Discovery of novel growth hormone-releasing hormones in vertebrates: from functions to evolution
Prof Billy Kwok Chong Chow / HKU
Prof Hubert Vaudry / INSERM / University of Rouen
Transnationalizing Charity and Philanthropy in Mainland China: A Case Study of Medecins Sans Frontieres (A French NGO)
Dr Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce / HKU
Prof Gilles Guiheux / University of Paris Diderot
Moments for automorphic L-functions
Dr Yuk Kam Lau / HKU
Dr Jie Wu / Universite Henri Poincare Nancy 1
Dissecting Hirchsprung's disease: international Hirschsprung's disease consotium
Prof Paul Kwong Hang Tam / HKU
Prof Stanislas Lyonnet / INSERM No. 781 / University Descartes Paris 5
Production of greenhouse gases from sub-aerially exposed continental shelves and oceanic islands since the Middle Pleistocene climatic transition
Prof Wyss Wai Shu Yim / HKU
Prof L.F. Montaggioni / CNRS No. 2761 / University of Provence
A feasibility study of human T cell epitope-based vaccines against H5N1 avian influenza virus
Dr Bojian Zheng / HKU
Dr Yu Chun Lone / INSERM U.542