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PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2005/2006 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution Funding Period (year)
F-HK01/05T Polymer Surface Emitting Optical Source Using Resonant Grating Prof Edwin Yue-bun Pun / CityU Prof Olivier Parriaux / CNRS No.5516, University of Saint-Etienne 2
F-HK04/05T Knowledge Representation Issues for the Performance Evaluation of Graphic Symbol Recognition Methods Dr WenYin Liu / CityU Karl Tombre / INRIA, LORIA, Campus scientifique 2
F-HK06/05T Raloxifene Modulation of Myogenic Tone and Flow-dependent Vasodilatation in Rat Resistance Vessels Prof Yu Huang / CUHK Dr Daniel Henrion / CNRS No 6188 2
F-HK09/05T Visualization-based Maritime Trajectory Data Modeling and Analyzing Prof Hui Lin / CUHK Prof Christophe Claramunt / IRENAV EA 3634 2
F-HK11/05T Augmented Reality System for Image Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery Prof Chung Kwong Yeung / CUHK Prof Luc Soler / IRCAD/EITS, Strasbourg 2
F-HK14/05T Characterization of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Urban Areas of Pearl River Delta Region (PRDR) Dr Shun-cheng Lee / PolyU Dr Cachier Hélène / CNRS No. UMR1572 1
F-HK16/05T New Models and Protocols for Cooperation Problems in Distributed Computing Systems Dr Jiannong Cao / PolyU Prof Michel Raynal / IRISA, University of Rennes 1 2
F-HK18/05T Integrated microfluidic system using giant electrorheological fluid Prof Yi-Kuen Lee / HKUST Prof Patrick Tabeling / CNRS No. 7083 2
F-HK19/05T Temperature-modulated tin oxide sensors and biologically inspired processing for electronic nose applications Prof Amine Bermak / HKUST Dr Dominique Martinez / CNRS No. 7503 2
F-HK21/05T Confinement and ordering in a monolayer of carbon nanotubes at an air-water interface, in a freestanding surfactant bilayer, and onto a solid substrate Prof Penger Tong / HKUST Dr Jean- Jacques Benattar / CEA Saclay 2
F-HK22/05C Effects of extreme (low and high) nutrient conditions on marine planktonic food webs and ecosystem processes Prof Paul J Harrison / HKUST Prof Louis Legendre / CNRS No. UMR 7093 1
F-HK26/05T Significant of double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase in neuronal death of Alzheimer's disease Dr. R.C.C. Chang / HKU Prof. Jacques Hugon / University of Poitiers 2
F-HK27/05T Optical properties of ZnO nanostructures Dr. A. Djurisic / HKU Prof. Jean-Michel Nu / University of Angers 2
F-HK29/05T Exact solutions of algebraic differential equations Dr. T.W. Ng / HKU Prof. Robert Conte / CEA 2

Release of 2nd year funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution
F-HK02/04T Molecular Engineering of Cyclometallated Iridium (III) Complexes for the Development of Molecular Photonics Dr Kenneth Kam-Wing Lo / CityU Dr Veronique Guerchais / CNRS No. 6509
F-HK05/04T Reliable Packaging of Integrated Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sensors Prof Y C Chan / CityU Dr Libor Rufer / University Joseph Fourier
F-HK14/04T Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Control Using Ceramic-Actuator-Generated Traveling Waves Dr Yu Zhou / PolyU Dr Fabien Anselmet / Institut de Recherche sur les Phnomnes Hors Equilibre
F-HK15/04T Development of an Intelligent Fashion and Garment Design System Using Fuzzy-Neural System Dr Roger Keng Po Ng / PolyU Prof. Xianyi Zeng / Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles
F-HK18/04T Membrane technology for a cleaner environment Dr King Lun Yeung / HKUST Dr Anne Julbe / CNRS No5635
F-HK19/04T Development of a simulation-optimization approach for supply chain design and optimization Prof Liming Liu / HKUST Prof Xiaolan Xie / INRIA
F-HK22/04T The application of BOD and phosphate biosensors to the treatment of textile and other wastes in a sequencing batch reactor Prof John P Barford / HKUST Prof Marie-noelle Pons / CNRS No. UP6811
F-HK23/04T Cross-layer protocol design for mobile ad-hoc networks: Routing, MAC and power control Prof Brahim Bensaou / HKUST Prof Farid Nait-abdesselem / University of Lille-USTL
F-HK25/04T Nanoparticles fabrication and application in displays Prof Weijia Wen / HKUST Prof Pierre Audebert / Univeristy of ENS Cachan
F-HK27/04T Demographic Window and Population Ageing: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Paul S.F. Yip / HKU Prof. Jean-Maire Robine / University of Montpellier
F-HK28/04T Development of an Efficient Recombinant Protein Expression System in Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 Dr. J.D. Huang / HKU Prof. Antoine Dan / CNRS2171
F-HK30/04T Fast Methods to Minimize Classes of Nonsmooth Cost-functions used in Image Restoration Dr. Michael K.P. Ng / HKBU Dr. Mila Nikolova / CNRS
F-HK33/04T Synthesis and Structure of Luminescent Redox-Active Carbon-Rich Mixed-Metal Complexes of Iron(II), Rhenium(I), and Platinum(II) -- From Molecules Towards Multi-Functional Molecular Devices Prof. Vivian W.W. Yam / HKU Dr. Claude Lapinte / CNRS6509