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France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2002/2003 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution Funding Period (year) Amount Awarded by RGC (HK$)
F-HK01/02T Population genetic structure of a marine pelagic egg producer of significance in the marine aquarium trade, the mandarinfish, Synchiropus splendidus Dr. Yvonne Jill Sadovy / HKU Dr. Serge Planes / CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) 1 29,000
F-HK06/02T Feasibility study of developing a central-coordinating system for supply chain management Dr. Felix Tung Sun Chan / HKU Prof. Gerd Finke / University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble 1 2 31,250
F-HK07/02T Hong Kong-French collaborative research on neotectonics of South China coastal belt Dr. Lung Sang Chan / HKU Dr. Manuel Pubellier / CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) 2 24,000
F-HK09/02C French anthropology and the study of China Dr. Grant Richard James Evans / HKU Dr. Maurice Aymard / Maison Des Sciences De L'Homme 1 145,000
F-HK11/02T Integration of Group Support Systems with Hypertext Technology: Effects on Decision-Making Performance in Cross-Cultural Teams Dr Mohamed Khalifa / CityU Dr Florence Rodhain / University of Montpellier II 2 28,000
F-HK12/02T Efficient Local Search Methods for Soft Constraint Satisfaction problems Prof Jimmy Lee / CUHK Prof Philippe Codognet / Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 2 15,300
F-HK14/02T Molecular Mechanism of Plant Prevacuolar Compartments Prof Liwen Jiang / CUHK Dr Nadine Paris / CNRS No. 6037 2 31,250
F-HK15/02T Novel Catalysts for C-C/C=C Bond-Forming Reactions and Fine Chemistry Prof Zuowei Xie / CUHK Dr Pierre H Dixneuf / University of Rennes 2 31,250
F-HK16/02T Energy absorption of cellular materials under dynamic loading Prof Tongxi Yu / HKUST Prof Han Zhao / Univ. of Paris 6 2 31,200
F-HK17/02T Chaotic mixing in microsystems Dr Yi-Kuen Lee / HKUST Prof Patrick Tabeling / CNRS No. 8550 2 28,000
F-HK19/02T Modified nucleotides of recombinant transfer RNA Prof Jeffrey T F Wong / HKUST Prof Henri Grosjean / CNRS No. 9063 1 24,000
F-HK20/02T Role of the transcription factor HNF-4a in acquisition and maintenance of intestinal functions related to lipid carbohydrate metabolism Dr Karl W K Tsim / HKUST Dr Martine A. Pincon-raymond / INSERM #505 2 14,000
F-HK23/02T Integrating Constraint Propagation into Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Multiprocessor Task Scheduling Dr Ceyda Oguz / PolyU Dr Marc Sevaux / CNRS No.1, University of de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambresis 2 19,000
F-HK24/02T A Damage Model for Rock and Concrete due to Acid Rain and Shirnkage Effects Prof Kam-tim Chau / PolyU Prof Jianfu Shao / University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille 2 31,250

Release of 2nd Year Funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution French Partner / Institution Amount Awarded by RGC (HK$)
F-HK11/01T Role of Vesicle Fusion and Protein Kinase G in Regulating Store-Operated Calcium Influx Prof Xiaoqiang Yao / CUHK Prof Michel Villaz / University of Joseph Fourier 21,700
F-HK03/01T Nucleation for Heteroepitaxial Diamond Growth Dr Igor Bello / CityU Prof Alix Gicquel / CNRS No UPR1311, University of Paris 31,250
F-HK08/01T A Multilingual (Chinese and Occidental) Document Processing System Prof. Yuan Yan Tang / HKBU Dr. Guy Lorette / CNRS No.UMR 6074, University of Rennes 1 28,000
F-HK35/01T Functional and Structural Evolution of VIP and PACAP Receptors in Vertebrates Dr. Billy Kwok-Chong Chow / HKU Prof. Hubert Vaudry / University of Rouen 31,250
F-HK22/01T A study of calcium signaling in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Dr Sarah E Ho / HKUST Dr Catherine Leclerc / CNRS No. UMR 5547 30,600
F-HK23/01T Production and uses of chitosan for environmental applications: environmental pollution treatment and process design Prof Gordon Mckay / HKUST Prof Pierre Le Cloirec / Ecoles des Mines de Nantes 31,100
F-HK24/01T Robust nonlinear and adaptive control of electrical machines Prof Li Qiu / HKUST Dr Romeo Ortega / CNRS No. UMR8506 31,250
F-HK28/01T Electronink Prof Weikun Ge / HKUST Prof Claude Weisbuch / UMR CNRS No. 7643 30,600
F-HK12/01T Development of an Acoustic ElastoMicroscope (AEM) System Dr Yongping Zheng / PolyU Dr S. Lori Bridal / CNRS UMR 7623, University of Paris VI 31,248
F-HK13/01T A Model Driven Approach for the Cardiovascular System Observation and Control Dr Jufang He / PolyU Prof Jean Louis Coatrieux / INSERM EMI 9934, University of Rennes 1 30,600