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RGC Central Allocation - List of Projects Funded from 1991/1992 to 2006/2007*
(*Layman summaries are available for projects funded since 2006/2007 exercise. Please click the project titles for details)

Reference Number Institution(s) Project Title Amount Awarded ($m)
1991/1992 (Equipment)
CityU 1/91C CityU / CUHK / HKBU / PolyU Transmission Electron Microscope 2.50
CityU 3/91C CityU / HKBU / PolyU / LC / CUHK/HKU PCs for researchers in the Arts / Social Science / Humanities / Business fields ($0.2m for each institution) 1.20
CUHK 2/91C CUHK / HKUST / HKU / CityU / PolyU Massively Parallel Processor 2.50
1992/1993 (Equipment)
CityU 4/92C CityU / LC Collection of Library Materials on the Pearl River Delta 1.50
LC 5/92C LC Overseas Chinese Materials on the Development of Southern China 0.26
CUHK 2/92C CUHK / HKUST / PolyU / CityU / HKBU Multi-purpose High Field Superconducting FT-NMR Spectrometer 2.20
HKUST 1/92C HKUST / HKU / CUHK / CityU / PolyU Laser Direct Write Lithographic System 1.80
HKU 3/92C HKU "The Times" on Microfilm 0.33
1993/1994 (Equipment)
CityU 5/93C CityU / CUHK / HKUST / HKU / PolyU Nanolithography System 1.50
HKBU 3/93C HKBU / PolyU / HKU Scanning Tunnelling Microscope/Atomic Force Microscope 1.40
CUHK 1/93C CUHK / HKUST / HKU Inter-institutional Broadbased Communications Network 1.78
PolyU 4/93C PolyU / HKU Indoor Air Quality Measuring Equipment 1.65
HKU 2/93C HKU British Documents on Foreign Affairs 0.48
1994/1995 (Equipment)
CityU 1/94C CityU / HKUST Plasma Immersion Implantation Facility for Surface Treatment of Advanced Materials 1.60
CUHK 2/94C CUHK / HKUST / HKU / CityU / PolyU Extension of the Inter-institutional Broadband Communications Network 1.60
PolyU 3/94C PolyU / CUHK / HKBU Ionized-Cluster Beam Deposition System 1.00
HKUST 4/94C HKUST / PolyU / CityU Polymer Materials Development Processing and Characterization Laboratory 1.90
HKU 5/94C HKU / HKBU / CUHK / CityU /HKUST Mutli-User Atomic Imaging Microscopy (AIM) Facility Using Internal-Source Electron Holography 1.80
1995/1996 (Equipment)
CityU 1/95C CityU / HKU / CUHK / HKUST / HKBU / PolyU Surface Vibration Spectroscopy : A High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer 2.40
CUHK 2/95C CUHK / PolyU / HKBU Automated Molecular Genetic Analysis System 2.90
HKUST 3/95C HKUST / HKBU / CUHK / PolyU / HKU Computing Resources for Research on High Performance Video Compression 1.60
HKU 4/95C HKU / PolyU / HKUST Centre for Electric Energy System 2.80
1996/1997 (Equipment)
CityU 1/96C CityU / HKU A Research Infrastructure for a Unified Wireless System for Mobile Services and the Last-Mile Connections in Fixed Networks 2.58
HKBU 2/96C HKBU / PolyU / CityU A Laser Scan Confocal Microscope 1.30
HKU 3/96C HKU / CityU / HKBU Centre for Distributed Computing and Multimedia Applications 2.00
HKU 4/96C HKU / CityU / PolyU Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorter (FACS) 1.50
1997/1998 (Equipment)
CityU 1/97C CityU / PolyU / HKUST High-speed Flexible Mounter 2.90
HKBU 1/97C HKBU / CUHK / PolyU / CityU Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) for Elemental Analysis and Metal Speciation in Chinese Medicinal Research and Other Collaborative Programs 1.90
HKBU 2/97C HKBU / PolyU / CityU / HKU Single-Crystal X-ray Diffractometer (MAR research imaging plate detection system) 1.00
HKBU 3/97C HKBU Environmental Contamination and Bioremediation 2.00
CUHK 1/97C CUHK / CityU / HKBU / HKU / HKUST A Versatile Facility for Research in the Preparation and Characterisation of New Materials using Advanced Ion Beam and Laser Technologies 2.965
HKUST 1/97C HKUST / CUHK / HKU Biomedical Optics Facility 2.70
HKUST 2/97C HKUST / CityU / CUHK Coastal Marine Science Facility 2.30
HKU 1/97C HKU The Acquisition of US Congressional materials 1.40
1997/1998 (Group Research)
CUHK 2/97C CUHK Chinese Ancient Text Database 3.00
PolyU 1/97C PolyU Inter-institutional Collaborative Research as a First Step towards the Establishment of an Open Laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis 4.00
HKUST 3/97C HKUST Language and Speech Technology Research: Towards the Development of a Spoken Translation System between English, Mandarin, and Cantonese 3.90
1998/1999 (Equipment)
HKBU 1/98C HKBU / HKU / LC The Acquisition of a Major Library Collection on the European Union 1.20
CUHK 1/98C CUHK To Upgrade Services Provided by the Universities Service Centre 3.00
CUHK 2/98C CUHK / HKBU / PolyU Automated Microbial Identifications System 2.00
1998/1999 (Group Research)
CityU 1/98C CityU Group Research into Organic Electro luminescence 3.80
CUHK 3/98C CUHK / CityU Service Robotics 2.70
HKUST 1/98C HKUST / CUHK Bargaining, Coordination and Public Goods Provision in Experimental Markets 2.00
HKU 1/98C HKU / HKUST / CUHK Understanding Gene Function and Molecular Bases of Disease Using Transgenic and Gene Targeting Technology 5.50
HKU 2/98C HKU / CityU Dynamics of Algal Blooms and Red Tides in Sub-tropical Coastal Waters : Monitoring, Modelling and Prediction 4.30
1999/2000 (Equipment)
CityU 1/99C CityU A Near-field Measurement System for Wireless Communications Antennas 2.50
HKBU 1/99C HKBU / PolyU / CityU A Luminescence Lifetime Spectrometer 1.00
HKBU 2/99C HKBU / HKU / PolyU A Flow Cytometer for Teaching and Research in Biomedical Science 0.80
1999/2000 (Group Research)
CityU 2/99C CityU / HKUST Studies on Important Toxicants in Coastal Waters of Hong Kong : A Risk Assessment Approach 4.75
PolyU 1/99C PolyU / CUHK / HKUST / HKU Computer-Aided Materials Engineering 3.50
HKUST 1/99C HKUST / HKU Behaviour of Loose Fill Slopes and its Stabilisation with Soil Nails 4.75
HKUST 2/99C HKUST / CUHK Mapping Signal Transduction Networks by a Multidisciplinary Approach 5.50
HKUST 3/99C HKUST / CUHK / HKBU Cooperative Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Research Centre 3.50
2000/2001 (Equipment)
HKBU 1/00C HKBU Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry with Multiple-stage Tandem Mass Spectrometric Technique (MSn) for Chinese Medicinal and Environmental Research 1.98
HKU 1/00C HKU / HKUST / CityU / HKBU Centre for Optical and Positron Characterization of Defects 1.50
2000/2001 (Group Research)
CityU 1/00C CityU / HKU An Investigation into the Use of Modern Power Electronics Technology for Improving Power Quality and Stability in Power Systems 4.50
CityU 2/00C CityU / HKUST Regional Climate Prediction for Southern China 3.70
HKBU 2/00C HKBU Long-term Residual Dynamics and Ecotoxicological Impact Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Pearl River Delta 3.35
CUHK 1/00C CUHK / CityU / HKUST Virtual Reality (VR) Based Systems for Training in Endoscopic Surgery and Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures 3.30
HKUST 1/00C HKUST / CUHK / HKU Bioactive Substances from Marine Bacteria 3.50
HKU 2/00C HKU / CUHK Hong Kong Oral History Archives 3.00
2001/2002 (Equipment)
HKUST 1/01C HKUST / HKU / CUHK / PolyU Establishment of a Hong Kong Structural Genomic and Proteomic Centre 3.10
HKU 1/01C HKU / HKBU / HKUST / PolyU / CityU Ultrafast Laser Facility for Investigations of Novel Electronic Excited States and Intermediates in Inorganic Photochemistry, Semiconductor Materials and Nanomaterials 3.60
2001/2002 (Group Research)
CityU 1/01C CityU / HKU / HKUST / PolyU Non-destructive Inspection of Buildings and Structures Using Shearography 4.00
CityU 3/01C CityU / HKU / HKUST Science and Technology of Silicon Nanowires 1.60
PolyU 1/01C PolyU / HKUST Development of Nitride-based Microwave Devices for Applications in Communication System 1.60
HKU 2/01C HKU / HKUST / CityU Genomic Approaches to Uncover Functionally Relevant Signalling Pathways in Craniofacial Development 5.00
HKU 3/01C HKU / LU / CityU Compilation of Written Scripts from the Ancient State of Chu 1.65
2002/2003 (Equipment)
HKUST 1/02C HKUST / PolyU / HKU / CUHK A Major Facility for Gamma and UV Radiation Research and Application 1.00
2002/2003 (Group Research)
CityU 1/02C CityU / HKUST / HKU Multiple-scattering of Photons and Electrons from Nanostructures and Other Large-scale Non-periodic Systems 4.00
CityU 2/02C CityU Group Research in Organic Electro luminescence 1.80
CUHK 1/02C CUHK / PolyU / HKUST Towards Multi-modal Human-computer Dialog Interactions with Minimally Intrusive Biometric Security Functions 4.00
CUHK 2/02C CUHK / HKUST Hepatocellular Carcinoma Research Group: Clinical Applications of Functional Genomics 4.00
PolyU 1/02C PolyU / HKUST / HKU / CityU Flow-structure Interaction and Noise Control 4.00
HKUST 2/02C HKUST / HKBU Electromagnetic Wave Meta-Materials 4.00
HKU 1/02C HKU / HKUST / CityU Dynamics of Algal Blooms and Red Tides in Sub-tropical Coastal Waters : Monitoring, Modelling and Prediction 1.50
CUHK 3/02C CUHK The Completion Project of All On-going Chinese Ancient Texts (CHANT) 1.50
HKU 2/02C HKU / HKUST / CUHK Understanding Gene Function and Molecular Bases of Disease Using Transgenic and Gene Targeting Technology 3.00
HKU 3/02C HKU / CUHK Cognitive and Brain Processing of the Chinese Language 3.00
2003/2004 (Equipment)
CityU 1/03C CityU / HKBU / CUHK / HKUST / HKU Facility for Single Nano-object Characterization (Raman / NSOM / AFM) 2.7
2003/2004 (Group Research)
CityU 2/03C CityU / HKBU / HKUST / HKU Studies on endocrine disruptors and red tide toxins in coastal waters of Hong Kong: A risk assessment approach 1.30
HKBU 1/03C HKBU / CUHK / HKU Sources, Fates, Environmental and Health Effects of Persistent Toxic Substances from E-waste Recycling in Southeast China 3.80
HKBU 2/03C HKBU / HKUST / HKU Web Intelligence for E-Transformation - A Research Centre 3.80
CUHK 1/03C CUHK / HKU A Centre for the Study of Fetal Nucleic Acids in Maternal Plasma 4.40
HKUST 1/03C HKUST General Social Survey of China 3.80
HKUST 2/03C HKUST / HKBU / CUHK Cooperative Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Research Centre 2.40
HKUST 3/03C HKUST / CUHK / HKU Mapping Signal Transduction Networks by a Genomic Approach 2.30
HKU 1/03C HKU / HKUST Land Development by Environmental Vacuum Preloading Technique 3.00
2004/2005 (Group Research)
CityU 1/04C CityU / HKUST / HKU Development of Novel Materials for Orthopedics 4.14
CityU 2/04C CityU / CUHK / HKUST Ion Nanostructuring of Functional Materials 3.45
CityU 3/04C CityU / HKUST / HKU Science and Technology of Silicon Nanowires 3.45
CUHK 1/04C CUHK / HKU A Multidisciplinary Project to Identify Major Genes for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Chinese and to Assess its Functional Significance 4.56
HKUST 1/04C HKUST / PolyU / HKU Innovative Design Technologies for Tall Buildings in a Typhoon Prone Urban Environment 3.45
HKUST 2/04C HKUST / PolyU / HKU Carbon Nanotube / AFI Zeolite Composite: Superconductivity and Li Storage Application 3.48
HKUST 3/04C HKUST / CityU / CUHK / HKU Bioactive Substances from Marine Microbes 3.47
2005-2006 (Group Research)
HKBU 1/05C HKBU / PolyU / HKUST A Research Center for Ubiquitous Computing 3.6
HKUST 1/05C HKUST / CUHK Multi-Phase Fluid Flow: Theory, Simulation and Experiments 3.4
HKU 1/05C HKU / CityU / HKUST Pathogenesis, cell signaling and virus evolution of avian influenza A (H5N1) 4.6
HKU 2/05C HKU / HKBU / HKUST Carbon-Rich Metal-Containing Molecular and Nano-Scale Functional Materials 4.8
HKU 3/05C HKU / HKBU / CUHK / HKUST Exploring Novel Electronic States in Condensed Matter 2.4
HKU 4/05C HKU / CUHK / HKUST Genomic approaches to uncover functionally relevant signaling pathways in craniofacial development 6.5
2006/2007 (Equipment)
CityU 1/06C CityU, HKBU, CUHK, PolyU, HKUST, HKU Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition (PIII&D) Equipment 2.80
2006/2007 (Group Research)
CityU 2/06C CityU, PolyU, HKU Green Oxidation Chemistry and Technology 3.00
HKBU 1/06C HKBU, CUHK, HKU Ginsenosides as Functional Ligands of Steroid Hormone Receptors: from Ligand-Receptor Interactions to Cellular Homeostasis 4.40
CUHK 1/06C CUHK, HKUST Redefining the West River: Ming and Qing State Building and the Transformation of Native Society 3.40
CUHK 2/06C CUHK, CityU, PolyU, HKUST New Directions in Network Coding 2.90
HKUST 1/06C HKUST, CUHK, HKU Systematic Study of Essential Protein Kinases Involved in Cell Growth and Differentiation 6.00
HKUST 2/06C HKUST, CUHK, PolyU, HKU Esophageal Carcinoma Research Centre 5.20
HKUST 3/06C HKUST, HKBU Electromagnetic Resonant Structures and Plasmonic Structures 4.47
HKU 1/06C HKU, CUHK, HKUST Molecular Pathology of Liver Cancer - A Multidisciplinary Study 6.40
HKU 2/06C HKU, CUHK, HKUST Peptidomimetics: Design, Synthesis and Biomedical Applications 3.40